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Peyronie's Has Destroyed My Life

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I'm  62 years old I'm guessing about Nov. 2015 I noticed pain when My wife and I made love.  I first thought it might be a prostate infection but there was no other prostate's symptoms.  Then I noticed a dent on the left midpoint of my penis, then gradually it started bending to the right now I have in addition a 30 degree upward bend.

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I take two different types of blood pressure meds,  my erections were unpredictable and  sometimes it just did not work.  So I have used either viagra or cialia for the last ten or so years with good success. I suspected it was Peyronies I went to one urologist and got the wait and see diagnosis, I wanted another opinion so I saw another urologist.

With this one I actually took pictures and he was the one that said it looked like a 30 degree bend.  His diagnosis, come back in Dec and if it has gotten worse we will look at injections.

As I've read with many Peyronies patient treatment success vary from one patient to another.  As I speak after doing research on my own the injections and surgery procedures are definitely on the bottom of the list. I will share this with fellow Peyronies guys, my older brother had Peyronies and there was less treatment option then which was probably the late 80's.  He ended up getting an implant and was very satisfied with it.  I might also add another older brother had prostate cancer he too received an implant and is very satisfied.

As far as my treatment now I do 15 minutes of vacuum device a day take vitamin e and cq 10.  And I would definitely try the traction device.

I do have concerns, even though the bend is not bad enough to prevent intercourse (some positions we can't do anymore) but sex is achievable.  The issue now is actually ED and honestly it very well could be psychological with all the worries about Peyronies.  Another question or two and I will close.  I also take Coumadin from a heart valve replacement in 2005, during my stretching exercises I see no ill effects as far as bruising or irritation.  But have seen warnings on vacuums about using the devices with men using blood thinners. If the ED persists I am considering using the Vacuum and constrictor bands. Guys I'm open to your advice and sharing your own experiences.


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Birgir July 12th, 2016

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with My Peyronie's readers. You raise many interesting point.

It is really good that your curvature does not prevent you from having sexual intercourse. You are though most likely still in the Acute Phase of the disease so your condition is not stable yet. So just be careful when having sexual intercourse. Avoid sexual activities that may put any awkward pressure or strain on the penis (to avoid buckling which could aggravate your condition).

You are so right about the importance of addressing the erection quality. Erectile Dysfunction is actually believed to have physical causes in 80-90% of cases. Sometimes addressing the physical cause is all it takes. So I recommend discussing this with your doctor and have a thorough health "MOT" done. And as you are taking blood thinners, then I recommend to discuss the use of vacuum pump with him as well.

As you say, the cause may also be psychological. Getting Peyronie's disease is very stressful experience and can easily cause anxiety that can affect the ability to "rise to the occasion". Whatever the cause it there are number of Treatment Options & Aid available to help men with their ED problems. The only wrong thing to do is to ignore it as having sexual intercourse with not firm enough penis can increase the risk of penis buckling.

I personally agree with you about surgery being the last option. In my opinion it is worth exploring other options first. There are number of non-surgical treatment options available. This Treatment Comparison can hopefully help you to identify which option may be good for you. Many now recommend combined treatment options, e.g. Dr. Levine.

Many men with mild and moderate curvature (like you) have managed to get good results by using Traction Devices. Personally I think it worth trying for all men with mild and moderate curvature during the acute phase. There are no guarantees it will work but it has helped many to reduce their curvature (I'm One Of Them). The biggest downside is the time and commitment required. To get results men need to wear the device for up to 8 hours per day for few months.

As you say, Peyronie's can be very stressful so it is great that you have supportive wife and brothers (the family link is another interesting point you make). Having good support is really important in my opinion.

These are few more articles that I hope you find helpful read at this point:

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And this one is especially for your wife:

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I hope this is of some help. I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope you will keep us updated about your progress.

Kind regards,


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