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Peyronies Survivor 2015

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I awoke one morning with an erection. It felt bruised and I felt a lump. I knew it was unusual but hoped it would pass. It didn't and a month later I went to my primary care physician who immediately diagnosed it as Peyronies and referred me to a Urologist.

Personal experienc of successful peyronie's surgery

I saw Dr. Leroy Jones in San Antonio, an expert in Peyronies. I was prescribed Pentoxiflinne (something like that), and a vitamin, L-Argine for a year. After a month the pain went away but deformity started to settle in.

Because I had calcium deposits on the top and bottom of my shaft, it kind of negated the curvature left or right, but I developed a jack-knife effect (if you will) with a bottle-neck type look just below the head of my penis. (Lots of pictures on the internet that looked like mine). My penis curved up just below the head. It was definitely not the penis I was born with and made me insecure to have sex with anyone new.

After a year of oral treatment and no improvement, but no progression either, I asked about the ultimate procedure, surgery. Dr. Jones highly recommended it and was covered by my insurance, minus the standard deductibles and co-pays. He had performed these types of surgeries many times and made it sound like a very simple out-patient procedure. He guaranteed straightening of the penis. I had read and he confirmed there would be a slight shortening of the penis and the peyronies had already shortened it some, but I chose that over the current deformity.

I was diagnosed December 2013, had my surgery February 2015, and I couldn't be happier! It was a simple out-patient procedure and there was no pain whatsoever Before I knew it I was back at home laying on the couch watching Judge Judy and having lunch. It was like nothing ever happened! I expected to be in excruciating pain because of the affected area, and pain medication was prescribed, but...crickets...! I didn't even fill the prescription.

I had just a little difficulty urinating for about a day but I can give you tips on how I overcame that without making a mess. Just ask me; it's a little embarrassing but effective!

I took the bandage off the next day and cleaned with antibacterial soap the hospital gave me and changed the bandage. The healing process was immediate and there was barely any tenderness. Just when you take a shower, don't let the water hit directly on your penis but rather let the warm water run down your body. I only replaced the bandage two more times just to keep my underwear from rubbing up against it and irritating it, but it was such a clean incision that the bandage was always clean when I took it off.

The Doctor's office did say it was going to be a dry heal and not to put any ointments or medication on it during the recovery period. They were right and today you never could tell I ever had surgery. The Doctor took before and after pictures and the transformation was remarkable! I had both a general and local anesthetic and the Doctor had to inject my penis to make it erect and see what he was working with. My penis is totally straight and the curvature and bottleneck are both gone. Altogether between the disease and the surgery, my penis did shrink almost one inch and it's not the same penis I was born with, but I'm much happier and confident now! I highly recommend surgery as a last result. You'll be glad you did.

P.S. - I'm still not sure why there was no pain AT ALL! Maybe my Doctor was just that good! When in San Antonio, I highly recommend him.

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Birgir May 12th, 2015

Dear Brandon

Thank you very much for sharing you experience of penile surgery. It is really great to hear great success stories like yours. I'm really pleased for you and know you have given many men hope. As you say, surgery may be the last result but it can be what it takes.

For those worried about penis shortening after penis surgery, then traction therapy can help them work on that (i.e. if willing to put in the time and effort required!).

All the best,

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