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Think I have Peyronie's - What Can I Do?

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Dear comrades, I think I have Peyronie's.

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I used to sleep on my stomach and I could feel such pop sound but I never bothered. I started seeing the hour glass deformity during the cold days and it was superb! Only for me to learn that later when I started feeling pain. I went to many doctors and specialists but they told me I have nothing.

I'm severely depressed and I don't sleep at all. My brothers think I have developed psychological problem since they cannot see any deformity. I'm aged 20 and I had great dreams but I see them vanishing.

Even my girlfriend laughs at me thinking I must be cursed to get such a rare condition.

What can I do? I'm going crazy.

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Birgir February 28th 2017

I'm very sorry to hear about your condition at such a young age. Unfortunately the way you describe it, it sounds like you may have Peyronie's disease.

I'm also sorry to hear you have not found a doctor that is familiar with Peyronie's disease. Please continue looking for an Urologist, ideally with an experience of Peyronie's disease or someone that is willing to research it with you. It may help if you bring with you photos of your erect penis as the deformity is only visible when the penis is erect (however the plaque can usually be felt when the penis is flaccid). Ask the doctor if he can do ultrasound (dynamic penile ultrasound). That should give you definite prognosis.

Your feelings now are perfectly normal. Getting Peyronie's disease is a big shock for any man, not least young men at the beginning of their sex life.
It is good if you can talk to your brothers and girlfriend. However, I'm concerned about their responses. Peyronie's is nothing to laugh about or ignore. Ask them to read about your condition so they can support you better in what you are going through.

I recommend starting with What Is Peyronie's Disease (there is even a short video if they prefer), Frequently Asked Questions About Peyronie's and last but not least What Can Peyronie's Partners Do (this is written for partners in long-term relationship but it still contains some tips that should be helpful for your girlfriend as well as your brothers).

You however need to concentrate on getting professional help because time is important where Peyronie's is concerned. The sooner you react and start treatment the more options you have and the better results you can expect. This article compares The Most Popular Peyronie's Treatments Today. It can hopefully help you to identify which one may be suitable for you (depends on your condition and finances).

You are not alone. You may for example find John's Story and Comments helpful. He decided to be proactive about his condition and felt like giant weight was lifted from his shoulder. Look out for positive stories and role models and don’t lose hope.

Seek help and explore the options you have. Accept all the support you have access to, involve your girlfriend and brothers as much as you feel comfortable with.

I hope this is of some help and wish you all the best in the future.

Best regards,

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Join in and share your experience of Peyronie's. It's easy to do. Simply click here and Share Your Peyronie's Experience with others.

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