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It's Not A Tumor

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That was my first thought when I felt the lump - a tumor. After just a few minutes of research, my fears were eased when I discovered it's extremely rare for a tumor to grow in the penile shaft.

Is wait and see the right approach for Peyronie's

That's when I saw the information for Peyronie's disease and thought the symptoms fit, but in a mild way.

It's only been a few weeks since I noticed an "indentation" and what appeared to be a "break" in the penis shaft when erect; like it was broken at the indentation and could now move upward slightly.

I didn't think too much about it until a few days later when I felt a pea-sized lump in the middle of the shaft.

I don't really have any deformity or significant bending of the shaft other than the indentation/break. And the urologist, who looked at me today, said not to worry about it and that he didn't think anything needed to be done. "It might get worse for a bit, but will probably self-resolve" and wasn't too concerned.

Still, there are a few supplements that help to break up plaque and I'll be taking those to prevent a worsening and hopefully a resolution.

I, like Birgir, have a very supportive wife who loves me for me and not for anything else. That's always a comfort! We are blessed men.

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  1. Birgir 19th March 2014

    Dear George

    Thank you very much for sharing your story. I don't want to alarm you but I'm a little bit concerned about the "wait and see" approach recommended by your Urologist. It is estimated that only 5-15% of all Peyronie's cases resolve without any treatment. The remaining either stabilise (usually after 12-18 months) or get worse.

    You are likely to be in the acute phase as only few weeks since you noticed your first symptoms. During this phase the disease will continue to progress. This is however also the best time to start non-surgical treatment.

    I recommend you continue reasearching everything you can about the Peyronie's disease, and then maybe consider getting a second opinion (sooner rather than later). You can also Ask Dr. Paulis what he recommends in your position.

    Like I say, I don't want to alarm you but I just hear from too many men that did nothing and came to seriously regret it later.

    So please monitor your condition carefully and if you think it is getting worse, seek professional advice. And be careful when having sexual intercourse. Indentation can make the penis more prone to buckling, which can aggravate the Peyronie's condition.

    I totally agree that we who have supported wives are truly blessed. Their support is invaluable when dealing with something like Peyronie's disease.

    I do hope more experienced men with Peyronie's will join this discussion.

    Best regards,


    Ps. which supplements are you taking?

    • George 20th March 2014

      Oh, I don't put a lot of credence in the wait and see approach. I fully intend to be proactive in slowing, stopping and/or reversing the process.

      I've already been on several sites and forums looking for alternative solutions and have ordered a couple of supplements.

      I'm very much into holistic medicine and will continue to look for and try various remedies. Natto-K, vitamin E, C, and L-Arginine among others are what I'm taking right now. I've also ordered Neprinol based on it's ability to dissolve Fibrin clots and plaques. I don't have a bend as yet, only the plaque (dead center) and the indentation.

      I've already spoken to my wife about being careful of buckling and will proceed gently. I was wondering if there's some kind of "splint" one can wear during intercourse to support the base and prevent buckling! If you know of anything, please let me know.

      Thank you!

    • Birgir 21st March 2014

      Hi George

      Good to hear. Just make sure you monitor your condition carefully and if you notice your symptoms getting worse, I recommend seeing a specialist again. You can find list of Peyronie's specialists in the US on the APDA website.

      I have forwarded your question to Dr. Paulis.

      Best regards,


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