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Ongoing Peyronie's Plight - Verapmail Shots


I am 55 years old, live in Texas, and have been married 37 years.

I have read most of these stories and they all seem to be written after all treatments have been made. I have just started mine, so if figured it would be an ongoing up to date article, so here goes.

Doctor injecting banana

I started having problems about three months ago (Dec. 2015). It started with a small lump on the top of the shaft about two inches down from the head. It was painful, but bearable, and of course I thought like most injuries it would heal. About two weeks later I noticed it had travelled along the whole top of the shaft.

I could get an erection, but any movement or variation from the now "deformed" shape would cause severe pain. The penis was twisted slightly, but the last two inches before the head went at about a sixty degree angle straight toward my belly when erect, at this angle I could not have intercouse because I could not bend it back for entry, if I did so, the pain would cause me to lose erect status.

I then decided to make an appointment with my physician. It was going to take about a week to get in, so the online research started. There seemed to be information going both ways on shots, surgeries, pills, etc. When I finally got to my personnel doctor, it was as I suspected, Peyronie's Disease. He referred me to Dr. Jason Fisher in Corpus Christi Tx. I finally got an appointment in Feb. (Due to some insurance co. mess up).

Now this is for all of you that think it is too embarrassing to go in, simple words..... get it checked.

The Doctor was very professional (make sure and take pictures in erect position before you go, I read this online and it is correct). He asked me some simple questions, checked it out and confirmed my doctors diagnosis of PD. He then discussed it is not as uncommon as I had suspected. He told me about the Verapamil shots, the success rate. He also mentioned the surgery,( he mentioned mine would not have the inserted  piece since I could get erections. He mentioned another type of shot which is about two grand a piece (I'm sure my insurance would not cover this). After all the options he asked me which one I would like to take. So I asked him which way he would recommend first. He recommended the Verapamil shots. So that day I received  a numbing shot, then shots in the hardened area.

These shots are painful, but bearable considering the option of remaining the way you are. All of this was discussed with my wife of 37 years, which I have her total support. She wondered if we had time to shop at Sams since we were in town and live in the country, although I said yes, it was a big mistake. The numbness wore off in about thirty min., you need to be in a place where u do not have to move or walk a lot, when it wears off....lesson learned.  The next day was swollen and hurting, but not too bad. Two days after the shot swelling going down and walking and such is not too bad, wear loose trousers helps. That is as far as today, so the ongoing procedure to come...... two weeks at a time. Only downside so far is the day after the shots I was real tired and napped just about all day.

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Birgir February 22nd 2016

Thank you very much for sharing your experience so far and we "look forward" to follow your journey.

It is great that you found good doctor to work with and I couldn't agree with your advice about "get it checked". It is also great that you have a supportive wife, it means a lot when going through this.

I hope Verapamil will work well for you, it has helped many (as you know if you have read most of My Peyronie's stories). The other injection option your doctor mentioned is most likely Xiaflex (about two grand a piece).

Many doctors now recommend combined treatment plans, i.e. injections, oral and traction devices. You may want to discuss this with your doctor during your next appointment.

All the best with your treatment, and yes, we hope you will keep us posted about your progress.

Kind regards,

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