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Triggers for Peyronie’s

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My story started like a lot of you, one day you're normal enjoying yourself and suddenly WTF!

My occurrence was triggered over about 2-3 days. I immediately sought medical attention and the Dr informed me of PD. Initially I only had a lump and a small bend however after 3 years it has NOT gone away and has gotten worse.

Can lifestyle choices trigger Peyronie's

The bend has lengthened and is sharper in curvature. I do not have any pain but the length of my penis however is almost 2 inches shorter! Yikes

Erections are not as hard also.

I firmly believe life events are key to what triggers this disease.

Your diet allows this event to happen as well.

Ok here is exactly what happened in my life at the exact time this was triggered.

I had recently changed careers and was undergoing extreme stress due to intensive training/studying, I was drinking 4-5 cups of coffee daily, which was new to my system as I wasn't a coffee drinker before, and I was studying with a laptop in my lap.

These 3 things were my triggers.

I've researched this condition extensively and I've found lots of feedback but no real cures. However, there is one treatment that has proven itself and I'm going to add it to my self-treatment.

I'm finally at the stage where I'm ready to tackle this on a serious level.

Heat treatment is the best treatment I feel to date.

One man was soaking his privates in his hot tube at such heat temperatures he overheated his testicles however once he adjusted his exposure to only his penis he actually reduced all his plague and curvature by 95%.

If you are keeping up the latest research out of Germany heat has become the rising star in reducing plague and curvature. Results have been very good with 50%-80% reduction! This is promising news and I intend to apply the same techniques in my regime.

My treatment consists of 2 factors.

First I've stopped drinking coffee and changed careers thereby reducing 90% of my stress.

Secondly I'm going to start taking high doses of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase daily.
I will be taking these supplements along with the high heat treatments simultaneously.

Best of luck out there gentlemen, I will not give in or allow this to worsen I will fight with everything I can do.



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  1. Birgir 5th November 2017

    Hi Brad

    Thank you for sharing your story, it is very interesting. However, some of the things you say are somewhat controversial and lack scientific backing.

    The exact cause for Peyronie’s is not known and actually can be more than one. Penis injury, usually during sex or masturbation, is though commonly considered the most likely cause. Then there are number of risk factors that can make some men more prone to get Peyronie’s than others, e.g. genes, age, lifestyle, etc.

    Stress, coffee and use of laptop definitely fall under lifestyle issues and may well be contributing factor though unlikely to be the sole cause for your condition. But reducing stress and changing the lifestyle is likely to help with any health issue, including Peyronie’s.

    You are right, there is no cure but there are number of treatment options and heat therapy is just one of them.

    Heat therapy is an interesting treatment option in my opinion and the initial results from studies seems promising. What’s more, if the temperature is kept under control it seems to be relatively safe treatment option. Still, the studies I have seen so far are small and more studies are required. You mention some German studies. It would be helpful if you could provide links to them so others can have a look for themselves.

    So heat therapy is in my opinion option worth considering. However, I would only recommend to do so after speaking to your doctor first about it. I personally would also not put all my hopes on heat therapy but today I would consider it as part of my Peyronie’s treatment plan.

    You say you have seen a doctor but not what he said or advised. On-line research is great and important (knowledge is power) but it does not replace the need to see a doctor and get professional advice.

    You say you have lost almost 2 inches of penis length. The best way to get back lost length is to use penis traction device. It is scientifically proven to work. It though requires commitment. You can realistically expect between 0.5 – 1 cm in penile length per month of use. So to increase your penile length by 1 - 2 inches (2.5 – 5 cm) you are likely to have to use the penis traction device for 6 - 10 hours daily for 3 - 6 months.

    You also say your erections are not as hard as before. This is important to address as having sexual intercourse with not firm enough penis can cause penis injury and cause new onset of PD (as you are already in the stable phase). There are number of ways to improve erection quality.

    I wish you good luck with your treatment and I hope you will keep us posted about your progress.

    Kind regards,


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