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Loss Of Penile Length - How Do You Fight Peyronie's?

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About a year and a half ago I had what was supposed to have a simple hernia operation. The doctor damaged some nerves, which caused great pain into my penis especially when I had any sexual activity. There was also pain without sex but with sex it was serious.

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About a year or so ago after a weekend of a lot of sex I could actually feel the onset of Peyronie's although at the time I did not know what exactly it was. I truly believe that the pain and extended sex combination caused the Peyronie's. I'm told that it is caused by trauma to the penis.

It first appeared as a bump on the right top of the penis. The right side was the side affected by the operation. There was no curvature or shortening of the penis. As time went on, I got the classic curvature and shortening of the penis.

I went to an Urologist and he put me on Pentoxifylline 400mg twice a day.

This did nothing but make me anxious each time I took it. He also told me to use a vacuum erection devise. I could not use that because in order to get the necessary suction for it to work I have to press it so hard into my body that it pressed directly into the damaged nerve and was beginning to reactivate the original pain from the operation.

My status now is I still can have regular sex. I don't like the curvature but I can live with it. I have read about guys who have it more pronounced than me but the loss of length kills me. That is what bothers me the most.

I went to another Urologist who says nothing helps except that the new drug Xiaflex can reduce the curvature. Reading about this drug it appears to have dangerous side effects and does not completely correct the curvature. What bothers me most about this new drug is nowhere in any of the studies or literature does in mention it can restore the length. I'm sure it does not and that is the most depressing to me.

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Comments On This Article

Birgir June 20th, 2014

Dear Anthony

Thank you very much for sharing your Peyronie's story with us. I'm really sorry to hear about your hernia operation going wrong, that's a tough one.

You say you can live with the penile curvature but the loss of penile length is really bothering you. In this case, have you considered using traction device?

Traction devices do require lot of commitment but they do lengthen the penis if used consistently over time. This is just how traction works (think of the Kayan women in Burma with their long necks). There are lot of studies that confirm this. Just couple of examples:

It is though not an overnight miracle solution, you really have to work for it. But it works if you do put in the time and effort. You can realistically expect between 0.5 – 1 cm in penile length per month of use. So to increase your penile length by 1 - 2 inches (2.5 – 5 cm) you are likely to have to use the penis traction device for 6 - 10 hours daily for 3 - 6 months.

What's more, traction therapy has also improved the curvature for many men (I'm one of them). This Article explains how traction therapy works for men with Peyronie's and includes links to studies.

You may find Bob Story inspiring but he used traction to help him improve his curvature and gain back lost length.

But Bob says " When I had a 90% bend, and had lost 2 inches, having sex was very difficult, now that I have an inch and a half back and the curve is down to about 45 degrees, sex is fine, but I am going to continue to see if I can't get back more than I started with and get it almost straight. This takes a serious commitment!!"

Maybe you want to discuss this option with your Urologist? This is much less invasive, less risky and less costly option than Xiaflex and one that will help you lengthen the penis... which is your main concern. But you have to be ready to put in the work.

Hope this helps? Wish you all the best and hope you keep us posted about your progress.

Best regards,



Jay eight lost fourMay 8th, 2015

Thank you for your story. To be honest I had an 8 inch penis, then while fooling around on time, I was rolled over very hard and it basically bent my full on erection very hard, quick, and to a angle that sent me to the roof. Everything automatically went back and I figured nothing of it except the pain.

A while later I noticed that my girth had begun to shrink in as time went on, also it started to become painful every time I got an erection. Then the shrinking in size 4 inches in all and the curvature or as I say the bending, I had a great degree of curvature, right around 40 to 45 degrees. I stopped pretty much all sexual activity.

I have felt a great depression that I hide as best I can. After about a year and a half after all of these effects had taken full effect, I started to notice that the plaque at the spot on the top left; right under the head, were fading away. Now I had read a lot about this disease and had read that sometimes over time the plaque and then the curvature will in fact disappear on its own. I was ecstatic.

But then my length and girth were gone. I've now gone to an 8 inch 3 1/2 girth was gone... and I've always been thankful for the just about straightening, don't get me wrong. I am extremely thankful for our Lords blessing.

But gradually I've slipped into a very very deep depression. I don't feel like a man anymore, I feel it's been mostly taken from me. And I'm angry. Fortunately, I have the best person outside of my family that knows everything about this situation, and absolutely does not care. And loves me for me.

Lastly I'm searching and so desperate to find a way (NO SURGERY OR VIAFLEX) to get back at least some length. So anyone that reads this and has ANYTHING or any ideas please help us men, recover our confidence, our manhood, our life. And help us regain our lives. I feel for ALL OF YOU, that have dealt with this and All of us that deal with this every second of everyday. Let us all stay strong and continue to press on. Let's face it the medical field gains ground incredibly fast. There WILL be a cure Someday soon. Let's keep our heads up.

I thank you for this article. I may just try traction therapy. Thank you very much again.

    • Birgir May 9th, 2015

      Jay eight lost four,

      Thank you for sharing your story with My Peyronie's readers.

      I'm very pleased for you that your curvature corrected itself on its own. You are very lucky as this happens in only estimated 5-15% of cases. So that’s really great news like you appreciate.

      What may have happened in your case (only ultrasound can confirm it) is that new plaque has formed on the other side of the penis, forcing the penis back up. The result would be straighter but shorter penis... as you are experiencing.

      Traction therapy will help you gain back lost penile length if you put in the effort. That's just how traction therapy works (think of long neck Kayan women in Burma). It however does require commitment, you need to wear the device for up to 8 hours per day for few months for best results.

      You can realistically expect between 0.5 – 1 cm in penile length per month of use. So to increase your penile length by 1 - 2 inches (2.5 – 5 cm) you are likely to have to use the penis traction device for 6 - 10 hours daily for 3 - 6 months.

      In my personal opinion, you have nothing to lose but hopefully lot to gain (pun intended) from traction therapy. If you want to find out more than my answer in this article contains links to all my articles about traction therapy.

      Depression is serious side effect of Peyronie's disease and must be taken seriously. It is really great that you have supportive friend but it sounds like you are dealing with serious issues that need to be addressed, like the anger. Have you considered seeking professional help?

      These articles address the emotional side of Peyronie's disease, I hope you find them helpful as well but I urge you to talk at least to your doctor about how you feel.

      I wish you all the best. If there is anything, I may be able to assist you with, just be in touch.

      Kind regards,

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