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I first heard from Bob in May 2013 when he was asking for advice about using his Andropeyronie device. He said he would be willing to share his experience of Peyronie's traction therapy in due course and now he has.

I could not be happier for him. His commitment to his treatment has paid off. His excellent results to date are very encouraging and I wish him ongoing success.

Thank you Bob for sharing your story, it is highly appreciated.

Bob's Story

I am a general practice physician and when someone would come to me with Peyronie's, I would prescribe vitamin E and Potaba which never got any results. I called my urologist colleagues and did not get a lot of hope for my patients.

Andropeyronie penis traction device
The Andropeyronie

I got Peyronie's about a year ago. I first noticed it during sex with a new partner where I had some pain on the left side. It started with about 30 degree curvature to the left. The plaque was about 1-1.5 cm and I was discouraged from trying verapamil injections by a urologist.

The plaque continued to grow and the curvature became worse so I went to another urologist. I started the verapamil injections, but the plaque continued to progress to a total of 90 degree bend up and left with a 2 inch loss in length.

The same urologist who did the injections told me about the Andropeyronie device, but told me to wear it about 2-3 hours per day. When I researched it more, I got committed to trying to get the 9 hours per day.

I could wear it about 2 hours the first time of the day then, it would be about 1.5 hours and did get in 9 + hours per day. It does take commitment!!

After 7 months, I have gained 1.5 inches back and the curve is down to about 45 degrees. Now I can go about 1:15 to 1:30 first time of day and then go 0:45 to 1:00 segments throughout the day.

I am committed to get all the length back and if possible, and get rid of most of the curve if it takes a year!!!

I have been keeping an eye on the new collagenase injection, but if I continue to get results with the traction device, I won't need it or need to take the risk on the downside. Less invasive is better.

I try to think of those African women that have those rings on their necks and have the real long necks. I figure if that worked for them, this will work for me.

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Comment On Bob's Story

  1. Bert 16th November 2013

    Bob, did you get improved penile head rigidity?


    • Bob 18th November, 2013

      I never had any problem with the penile head rigidity.

      When I had a 90% bend, and had lost 2 inches, having sex was very difficult, now that I have an inch and a half back and the curve is down to about 45 degrees, sex is fine, but I am going to continue to see if I can't get back more than I started with and get it almost straight.

      This takes a serious commitment!!


    PPatient 25th September 2014

    It's now Sept 2014, a year later.  Did you continue and if so, were you able to get any further improvement?


  • Bob 25th September, 2014

    I continued for a while and decided to take a break. I'm not where I would like to be, but everything is working fine and girlfriend is happy so it's hard to get motivated to do more although I may take another 3 month run just to see what I can get.

CureSeeker 29th May 2015

Hey Bob, wondering if you continued with another round or two of treatment using the device. Did you see any more results?

  • Bob 31st May, 2015

    I am currently using the device along with the injections of Xiaflex. I have had the second injection in the series and have the third one scheduled. Seem to be getting a little more results but I'm not wearing it the 11 hours a day that I did in the beginning. Hope that helps

61andStillCrooked 20th December 2015

I'm moderately bowed left, but still long to make sex more 'comfortable' and enjoyable for my wife of 42 years. I'm having trouble visualizing 9-11 waking hours wearing such a device in a 'constant state of erection', or is that not the case? Please explain how the device is applied.

  • Birgir 20th December, 2015

    Dear Dave

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Penis traction devices are ONLY used when the penis is flaccid.

    This article explains how traction devices works for men with penile curvature.

    This article offers some practical tips about using traction devices based on my personal experience.

    While this article explains how to wear traction device depending on the direction of the penile curvature.

    I hope this helps. I wish you good luck with your treatment.

    Kind regards,

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