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Just Getting Started – Xiaflex, Hematoma and Stretching of the Penis!


As far as I know, Peyronie’s hit me fairly suddenly about two months ago.

I have no idea what caused it and since I haven’t been sexually active I supposed it’s possible it came on gradually and I just didn’t notice it before.

Doctor injecting banana

I have a 45 degree upward bend, which seems to be veering off to the right now. My urologist prescribed Pentox 400 mg three times daily along with vitamin E. After a month no apparent effect. Went to Dr Landon Trost, formerly of the Mayo Clinic and inventor of a traction device called RestoreX. I’ve been using the traction for only a couple of weeks now and decided to get the Xiaflex injections.

Shots didn’t hurt much but I had injections into an erect penis although literature says flaccid penis. My doctor also insists on extremely aggressive stretching of the penis immediately after the shot. He said about 10 lbs pressure. I did stretch after the erection went away but was developing severe hematoma and stopped.

Was reluctant to have second shot but was told the bruising and hematoma normal. Dr drained the hematoma and I went ahead with second shot. Wrapped penis tighter this time with gauze and tape. Stretched less aggressively that day. Some smaller hematoma developed. Bruising is extended over entire penis a third of scrotum and a small area of abdomen somewhat tender to the touch. No pain, can pee just fine.

Wondering if Pentox contributes to bruising as Dr Trost doesn’t believe it provides any benefit. Also wondering about shot into erect penis and benefit of aggressive stretch vs more commonly recommended gentle stretch.

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Birgir June 2020

Thank you for sharing your experience so far. As I’m not a medical doctor I cannot advice you on medical issues like this. You should discuss your concerns with Dr. Trost and / or the Urologist that originally recommended the Pentox. Same with the stretching, if you are concerned about the pressure you should raise your concerns with Dr. Trost and / or seek second opinion from another doctor that perform Xiaflex injections.

I wish you all the best with your treatment.

Kind regards,

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