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High Dose Pentoxifylline Peyronie’s Treatment

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My experience of Peyronie’s disease began in 2014 when I noticed to my horror a curvature of my penis, a growing plaque on the upper part of my penis and a most unpleasant pain sensation the like of which I had never felt before. I knew immediately what the disease was because some years ago I had read an article on the illness and it sent a shudder through me to think that someone might be afflicted by such a terrible problem.

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My family doctor dismissed my concerns telling me that Peyronie’s was so rare that he had never seen it in twenty years of practicing medicine. As he did not examine me I am not surprised that he had never seen it!

I obtained a referral to a urologist from a different local doctor and he confirmed the diagnosis that I had already made for myself.

Needless to say nothing worked to stop the rapid progression of my disease. Over time it became extremely severe to the point that not only was sexual activity out of the question, but I could hardly pass water without much discomfort. The plaque grew to cover the entire upper length of my penis tunica. I could not sleep at night for the pain.

After much study I concluded that Pentoxifylline was the only treatment that had any chance of working. I was impressed with the work of Dr. Tom Lue in San Francisco who used high doses of this drug, up to twice the manufacturer’s recommended limit.

But my problem was that high dose Pentoxifylline caused me to experience severe anxiety and a raised heart rate. After experimentation I found that 80 – 120 mg of Verapamil taken with the Pentoxifylline greatly reduced or eliminated the unpleasant side effects of the Pentox and allowed me to stick to a high dose Pentox regime. Pentox could stop my Peyronie’s pain within an hour and allowed me to sleep at night so I knew that it must be working.

After six months of this treatment I began to notice that my plaque was starting to shrink from the end of my penis and healthy tunica remained. Within a three week period approximately 90% of my plaque retreated down my penis and disappeared. I could see it shrink on a daily basis. I was overjoyed and amazed.

The remaining 10% of my plaque remained at the base of my penis and did cause a bend that made sexual relations difficult, almost impossible. But nevertheless I was hugely better than my former state. Over the following year to eighteen months that remaining 10% of plaque slowly continued to shrink until eventually it completely disappeared and I made a complete recovery. I now have zero plaque.

My sexual performance is exactly the same as before my illness. My penis is as good as when I was a teenager, yet I am sixty five years of age.

In fact I think that my penis might be better than before my illness. It is possible that I was affected by mild Peyronie’s for many years before the severe bout of the illness and I did not realise that something was wrong.

I now appreciate the health of my penis and I rejoice that I was able to make such a complete recovery. If you are afflicted with this wretched disease I wish you good luck and I suggest that you try my oral Pentox/Verapamil treatment; BUT NOT the injected Verapamil treatment. I would think that is a foolish idea. I would not want to stick needles into an already severely inflamed tunica tissue.

Nor would I try the bending and stretching treatment, for the same reason.

I told Dr Tom Lue about oral Verapamil stopping the Pentox side effects, but I don’t know if he has since recommended it to his patients. He had not heard of it before I told him that it worked for me.

Don’t forget that I made a 100% recovery using Pentox/Verapamil. I took no other drugs or supplements and no other treatment method. Dr Lue told me that using other drugs and supplements might reduce the effectiveness of the Pentox. He was correct. But I did take the Verapamil. It allowed me to take twice the dose of Pentox.

If I had my life over again, I would try another thing to speed my recovery from Peyronie’s disease. I would immediately switch to Vegan diet. Numerous studies show that Veganism increases blood flow in the smaller capillaries, such as can be found in the tunica. That is how Pentox is thought to work. I now follow a strict Vegan diet in the hope that this will prevent a recurrence of the disease.

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  1. Ron 13th July 2017

    Edit My Story Please

    Please edit my recently submitted story to explain that I was taking up to 800 mg Pentox three times a day, which is a massive dose. Without taking oral Verapamil at the same time, most people could not take anything like that dose without extremely severe side effects that could not be tolerated. Needless to say this most be done in consultation with a medical professional.

    If people can't take Pentox 2,400 mg per day even with oral Verapamil, I recommend that they take the highest dose of Pentox possible. Some days I could not take 2,400 mg and had to cut it down. But I swallowed every Pentox tablet that I could and the Verapamil was a huge help.

    It is possible that the high dose oral Verapamil (I took it three times a day) had an independently positive effect on my amazing recovery. Could it be that instead of injecting Verapamil, men should be swallowing it? Do Pentox and Verapamil work synergistically together to cure Peyronie's? Have I discovered something here?

    My doctor would not agree to me taking Pentox at that high dose, in fact he wanted me to limit the Pentox to 1,200 mg per day. But I knew that Dr Tom Lue was using up to 2,400 mg per day on his patients so I ignored my doctor and did it anyway.

    It worked! I am 100% cured from a very severe experience of this disease. I am completely back to normal and even my tunica has regained 100% of its previous elasticity. For me, sex is brilliant again.

    Even Tom Lue told me that he had never seen a 100% recovery and he warned me that this was not possible. However I am living proof that some people can do it. There is now nothing wrong with my penis.

    Birgir 13th July 2017

    Thank you very much for sharing your story, it is very interesting and I congratulate you on your excellent results. Really great news for you.

    I however couldn’t agree with you more that no one should considering anything like this without liaising with qualified medical professional first.

    This may have worked for you but that does not automatically mean it will work for others. You could also have been one of the 5-15% lucky ones that would have improved without doing anything.

    But your result is very interesting and hopefully some qualified Peyronie’s specialist will investigate this further. But without any scientific backing I must recommend extreme caution.

    Again, I’m very happy for you and I thank you for sharing your experience with My Peyronie’s readers and I wish you all the best in the future.

    Kind regards,


    Ron 14th July 2017

    Pentoxifylline 1,200mg per day is the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer. Even that dose can be hard to take and the three doses must be spaced out. Take two doses close together and the side effects can be hard to take and most unpleasant. Pentox 2,400mg per day could put your heart into tachycardia and kill you. If it did not kill you, it could give you such severe anxiety that you would be climbing up the walls with fear.

    Pentoxifylline is chemically closely related to caffeine, so taking high dose Pentox is like drinking dangerously large amounts of strong coffee with huge amounts of caffeine and that can also race your heart so fast that it stops.

    But I found that you can gradually adjust to Pentox, as you can to coffee. Firstly do it under close medical supervision. Secondly start at only 400mg per day and get used to the low dose. That will only be like taking one strong coffee. DO NOT DRINK ANY COFFEE, TEA, COLA or any other caffeinated drink or tablet during your treatment with Pentox or that will boost the Pentox effect and you may be in a lot of trouble. Take NO other stimulant of any kind during your entire treatment!

    Thirdly, with your doctor's agreement, gradually increase your dose up to Pentox three x 400mg per day and see how you feel. Larger people will be able to take much more than smaller people like me. Try to take the majority of your doses skewed earlier in the day so that it does not keep you awake at night.

    Fourthly, if you doctor agrees, try to slowly increase to the full six doses a day. This will be hell to take so you might have to use my Verapamil trick. BUT ONLY with your doctor's guidance. If Verapamil gives you low blood pressure or heart arrhythmias you might have to try a beta-blocker or even a sedative.

    However you do it this is NOT going to be pleasant Even with my Verapamil trick you will still feel the side effects and you will get some side effects from the Verapamil. Take n\]magnesium if it gives you constipation.

    With your doctor's agreement, raise the Pentox dose as high as you can and hold it there. You can get long acting Verapamil to prevent it wearing off after a few hours.

    This disease is a living Hell. Make no mistake about it. It is devastating. You can't have sex, you can't even have an erection without pain that soon stops the erection. Nighttime erections wake you in agony. NOTHING seems to work. All other treatments are a waste of time in my opinion. But Pentox is the leading treatment in the world and it does appear to work. It is excellent at stopping the pain and discomfort and it can do that within hours. The faster you increase the blood supply to that damaged tunica the faster you may get relief and start the process of moving beyond the acute stage of the illness to the recovery stage. But without Pentox you may never recover. 

    Birgir 14th July 2017

    I totally agree with you that high dose of Pentoxifylline can be seriously dangerous and men should never exceed the recommended dosage recommended by manufacturer.

    However, I STRONGLY DISAGREE that “All other treatments are a waste of time”. That statement does not confirm with my personal experience, my extensive research into the matter nor my interviews with many of the best known Peyronie’s specialists in the world over the years.

    There is no cure for Peyronie’s but there are number of treatment options available. Some work well for some men, others work better for other men. But men have had good results with surgeries, injections, oral medication, traction therapy and various combinations of different treatment options. It can be often be difficult to say what exactly worked and what didn’t but that also applies to your case.

    Your story is just one story of many success and non-success stories. Fortunately, it worked very well for you (or you were one of the few lucky one that would have improved anyway).

    But there is no scientific backing that this treatment works better than other treatment options. And it may be riskier than many other treatment options. I therefore strongly recommend extreme caution.

    Kind regards,


    Axel 17th Januray 2018

    Hello, thanks for sharing your positive experience.

    I have been taking 1200 mg of Pentox since 2 years + high dose of Ubiquinol and I must say although my peyronie was not highly dramatic (never experienced the pain luckily and my curve was around 25 degree) things are almost back to normal.

    My concern is that I am not sure if I can stop progressively Pentox now? I don’t like the idea of taking this molecule for my entire life but I don’t want either to have things worsening again.


    Birgir 17th January 2018

    Thank you for sharing your experience with My Peyronie’s reader. I’m sure I speak for everyone that I’m very pleased to hear about your great results. Congratulations!

    Regarding when to stop taking the Pentoxifylline, then you should discuss this with your doctor. My understanding is that you do not have to take it for ever but when is the right time to stop, that is something you should decide based on professional advice.

    Again, truly happy for you and I wish you all the best in the future.

    Kind regards,


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