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Peyronie's Scare

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My name is Paul, I'm 25, live in US. Earlier this year (about 8 months ago), I noticed some bending in my penis but I wasn't too worried about it, I thought it might just be because of physical exhaustion.

Young man either sad or happy

But as it slowly progressed I seeked help but the doctor didn't do any thorough examination and just gave me some Vit E and said it may/may not help, and said that most treatments out there are just trials and there isn't really any definitive treatment and said that surgery is not recommended and that it has many possible adverse effects.

I am in Medical school so I knew that but still wanted to hear something more hopeful.

I met my girl about 6 months ago and we're getting engaged in the near future, but since I talked to the urologist I AM IN A MAJOR FREAK OUT, because I feel like this is going to affect my sex life, especially because it is still progressing.

Please if anybody knows something new or has any advice I am desperate for any good news. I know that this diagnosis doesn't necessarily mean that my sex life is going to be miserable/non-existent, but the anxiety this diagnosis is causing me is really scaring me.

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  1. Birgir November 18th, 2015

    Dear Paul

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your condition at such a young age. Getting Peyronie's diagnosis is always devastating and your anxiety is more than understandable, it is perfectly normal. But as you say Peyronie's does not have to ruin your life… unless you let it. That's very important to bear in mind at all times.

    Saying that, the "wait and see" approach is not a very good approach in my opinion. I strongly recommend that you see another doctor as soon as possible. Look for someone with experience in treating men with Peyronie´s disease. I cannot recommend any specific doctor but APDA (Association of Peyronie's Disease Advocates) list of physician may be useful resource for you (especially as based in the US).

    You don't say how severe your condition is but I'm assuming still mild or moderate. You are though most likely still in the acute phase, meaning your condition can continue to progress. It is therefore important to use the time well. The sooner you react, the more options you have and the better results you can expect to get.

    Your doctor is right that there is no one guaranteed treatment for Peyronie's and that surgery should always be considered as the last option. However, there are number of treatment options and some (even combination of some) may help you to stop the progression of the disease and hopefully also reduce some of the symptoms already experienced.

    This article compares the most common treatment options available to men with Peyronie's disease today. It may help you to identify which options you like to explore further with your new doctor.

    Because even though there is no cure, many men have managed to improve their condition so they can life perfectly satisfying (sex) life. So there is hope. I hope these stories that some of My Peyronie's readers have shared can be an inspiration to you:

    Bob's experience of traction therapy

    Peter's experience of Verapamil injections and medication

    Brandon's experience of surgery

    And this is my personal story

    It is great that you are in a good relationship and getting engaged. My sincere congratulations! Having the support of good partner is very important. Involve your girl, allow her to help you get through this. These articles about relationships and the role of the partner may be useful read for you both at this point.

    Get Through Peyronie's Together

    Advice For Peyronie's Partners

    All men should take care not to put unnecessary strain on their penis during sex. This is though even more important for men with Peyronie's disease as new trauma can accelerate the progression of the disease. Don’t get me wrong, you can still have sex… actually you should have and enjoy sex. Just be aware of this. These articles about sex and Peyronie's may be good read in this respect.

    Sex And Peyronie's Disease

    Sex Tips For Men With Peyronie's Disease

    I hope this is of some help. I don’t want to alarm you but in my opinion and experience it is important to take Peyronie's seriously from the onset. If you are lucky your condition will not get worse, even rectify itself somewhat on its own (it is estimated that 5 - 15% of Peyronie's cases resolve without any treatment).

    However, if your condition starts to get worse, then it is very good to know your options and be able to react quickly. Which is why I strongly recommend you look for another doctor now, someone with experience of treating men with Peyronie's disease.

    Again, Peyronie's does not have to ruin your life. You have lot of great things going on in your life. As a medical student, I expect you to be analytical and factual. Use these strengths to help you deal with your Peyronie's disease. Do your home work and take an education decision of your next step. And involve your girl… it can really make all the difference for you both.

    I wish you all the best and hope you keep us posted about your progress.

    Best regards,


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