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Grafting Surgery for Surgery

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I had grafting surgery for Peyronie’s on June 10, 2015.  I had over a 60 degree curve for almost three years before the surgery.  It was so severe; I couldn’t use it for intercourse, or even for masturbation.  After 5 years of various treatments, it finally reached a point where the surgeon who had been treating me for five years recommended I have grafting surgery.

Personal experienc of grafting surgery for Peyronie's

Since I am not very well endowed, the only surgery my surgeon would do is the grafting surgery.  He said the grafting surgery is the only surgery that will not result in any loss of length.

Surgery took over four hours.  I was heavily sedated.  With the grafting procedure, they make a circumferal incision around the head of the penis, and they then deglove it.

They then made various incisions in the calcified plaque, and graft human heart pericardium material into these incisions.  The results are a straight penis.

My surgeon wanted to admit me for a few days, but because of health insurance issues, he had to send me home the same day. The first week or two were the worst, with major swelling of the penis, plus I had cysts removed from each testicle, so there was also major swelling in the scrotum.  With five incisions inside my penis, and the external incision around the head, plus two incisions in the testicles, I'm sure my recovery wasn't typical compared to other men.  Early in the morning, the day after the surgery, I had a morning erection, and it was NOT pleasant.

There was a considerable amount of pulling on the external stitches around the head of my penis.  The surgeon was concerned that there might be some erectile dysfunction because the grafting had to be done so close to the head of the penis, but fortunately, everything still worked.  I was very pleased about that, even though it hurt.

After 6 weeks, I was allowed to have intercourse.  It was awesome to have a straight penis again after all the years I dealt with the curvature, but I had little to no sensation.  As a result, I could not orgasm.  I was very discouraged, but when I talked to the surgeon about it, he said although this is rate, sometimes this happens with the grafting surgery, and should eventually go away.  I tried it about a month after that, and it wasn't much better.  Although there was a little bit more feeling and sensation, I still couldn't have an orgasm.  I couldn't even have an orgasm with masturbation during this time period.

It has now been seven months since my surgery.  The feeling/sensation has pretty much returned to normal, and I am finally able to have an orgasm.  It is so awesome to have a straight penis again.

The only thing I am dealing with now is my loss of length.  I had surgery to have my prostate removed due to prostate cancer 18 years ago at a very young age.  Although urologists who do prostate surgeries don’t tell you this, it is a pretty well known fact that loss of length after prostate surgery is common.  I lost about one inch as a result.  After developing the Peyronie’s Disease 5 years ago, I lost about another inch.  Losing two inches is something I could not afford, even before the prostate surgery.  I tried using traction 6 weeks after the Peyronie’s surgery (as my surgeon told me I could), but it was still just too sore.  I held off on the traction for a while, and just recently started it again.  This time, it doesn’t hurt, and I am committed to using it every day for at least 8 hours a day.  I am bound and determined to at least get my original length back, and maybe even some more.

The purpose of sharing this story?...........Although it has been a "journey", I would go through every bit of it again if I had to.  It was all definitely worth having my straight penis back again.   For anyone who has exhausted every avenue of trying to correct their Peyronie’s (Pentoxifyline, Xiaflex, Traction Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, etc.), and there doesn’t seem to be any improvement or any other course of action, I would definitely recommend the surgery.  There are three different types of surgery for Peyronie’s, depending on the degree of curve, the penis length, etc.  Although the thoughts of having surgery done on your penis is very frightening, the surgeons who specialize in this know what they are doing, and it can give you that confidence back that you once had, and return you to a normal sex life.  Just make sure you do a lot of research on the surgeon, how many of these surgeries they have done, how long they’ve been doing it, the outcomes of surgeries from other patients, and anything else you can do to be assured you are getting the best surgical care you can.  Do as much research beforehand as you can.

I hope by sharing my story, if it helps just one man who has been affected by Peyronie’s disease and is contemplating surgery, it will definitely be worth it.

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Birgir February 18th 2016

Thank you very much for sharing your story with My Peyronie's readers. As you say, for most men the thoughts of having surgery done on the penis is very frightening. But sometimes surgery is the best or only option available and success stories like yours are very helpful and inspiring for men in similar position.

There is no doubt in my mind that your story will help many men contemplating surgery. Your advice about researching the surgeon is also excellent, thank you.

I'm very happy for you that your surgery worked so well for you. As you say, it has been quite a "journey". It may not have been the most enjoyable one but the end destination made it all worth it.

I wish you good luck with your traction therapy. It does require commitment but you have gotten so far that I'm confident that you will go all the way. Hopefully you will keep us posted about your progress in due course.

Again, thank you very much for sharing your story with other Peyronie's sufferers.

Kind regards,

Ps. this article contains more information about Grafting Surgery for Peyronie's

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