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It Is Never Too Late - Successful Peyronie's Plication Surgery

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I was 63 when my problem with PD began. I tried stretching devices, but they didn't help. The first urologist I consulted acknowledged the problem as PD, but essentially said there wasn't anything he could do. It was discouraging to hear that, but the research I had done caused me to pursue the matter.

Personal experienc of successful peyronie's surgery

I learned of a urologist in Pittsburgh, PA that also had a practice not too far from where I lived. He was great. He listened patiently and ask questions. As some believe there may be a link between PD and Duypreten's Contracture, I explained I had undergone surgeries on both my right and left hands for that condition.

To determine the extent of the curve he injected the penis at the base.

It was not painful. It only took only a minute or less for the erection to occur. He then explained the surgical options and I decided upon Plication Surgery.

The surgery went fine. No complications and I was able to resume sexual activity in about six weeks. I have an appointment soon to discuss the excess foreskin as the result of the surgery.

My advice to men, young or old, don't waste time and money on stretching devices, or other gimmicks. Seek out a good urologist and get help.

I would add you may wish to find a young urologist. The first one I consulted was older. He offered no help at all. His attitude was like I was 63 so what's the big deal. The doctor who did my surgery was in his early thirties, a more recent graduate and perhaps more knowledgeable of the latest treatments. He was also far more understanding.


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Birgir February 2nd 2016

Dear RC

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with My Peyronie's readers. I'm very pleased that your Peyronie's Plication Surgery worked well for you.

The biggest lesson I take from your story is though the importance of seeing a specialist. And if you are not happy with that doctor, don't hesitate to look for a second opinion.

Your advice about seeing younger urologist is an interesting point. There is no question in my mind that Peyronie's is getting more awareness among doctors. So yes, younger urologists may be more aware in general about Peyronie's disease. And hopefully you are right that they are more understanding. However, some of the most experienced urologists in Peyronie's are older (it takes time to build experience).

So I would say the criteria when Choosing Peyronie's doctor is always his experience of the disease. Men should not be afraid of asking about the doctor's experience prior to making their appointment. After all, they are working for you, not the other way around.

Regarding your advice about not wasting time and money on stretching devices, or other gimmicks, then I have to disagree with you (but I do strongly agree about "seek out a good urologist and get help").

I personally know that stretching device can help with penile curvature. I have also heard from too many men that have seen improvements by using traction therapy to not to believe in it. And too many experienced Peyronie's doctors are using them now as part of their non-surgical treatment plan, e.g. Dr. Levine one of the best know Peyronie's specialists in the world today.

However, traction does not work for all men with Peyronie's. But Traction Therapy is inexpensive and non-invasive treatment option that is in my opinion very much worth trying before opting for penis surgery.

There is no question that Surgery is the best option to get the penis totally straight but unfortunately it can have some serious and / or unpleasant side effects (like the excessive foreskin in your case).
Personally, I see surgery as the last treatment option, i.e. if non-surgical treatments do not help. And sometimes it is the only option, especially for men that did "wait and see".

Surgery is anyway never performed until men have reached the stable phase of the disease. But there are options worth trying to stop / reverse the progression of the disease during the acute phase and traction therapy is just one of them.

This article compares the most common treatment options today and can hopefully help someone identify which options may be worth investigating further. But there are no guarantees if and how they work for that particular individual. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for Peyronie's so what works for one man may not work for another. Which is exactly why it is so important to seek out a good urologist and get professional advice about treatment plan.

But you are right about there are some gimmicks out there and some unscrupulous people trying to take disadvantage of men with private embarrassing condition like Peyronie's disease. This may help men trying to identify Peyronie's scams and gimmicks.

Finally, yes there seems to be a link between Peyronie's disease and some genetic disorders. Around 30% of Peyronie's sufferers also have hardened tissue in other parts of the body, mainly in the palm (Dupuytren’s contracture) or foot (Ledderhose's disease).

This is actually the reason why Xiaflex is now used to treat Peyronie's disease, i.e. it was first used to treat people with Dupuytren’s.

Again, thank you very much for sharing your experience. I know men find stories like yours very helpful and will find your success motivating.

Kind regards,


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