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If only I could manipulate time, traveling to the past and informing my 13-14 year old self about this website and comments, with intent to make a more informed decision.

Young man with many faces

Once I came of age to achieve an erection, I had a severe, downward curve in my penis. I wasn't sexually active at that age, nor did I experience any pain in my penis. However, the downward curve looked different than any penis I had seen, so I informed my parents about my concerns (both about vanity and anticipation of complications when I would become sexually active). They took me to an urologist. Long story short, I had surgery (put to sleep, left that night or next day...I can't remember which).

I remember my penis being sore for several weeks after. I was instructed to have erections to "stretch it out." At the time, I was thrilled to have a penis that finally looked "normal."

However, the two drawbacks:

1 - Penis shortening. I don't know how much I lost. I currently have 20.32cm/8in when erected. My dad told me and my brother that the urologist joked with him, saying, "...there was slight shortening, but believe me, your son will NOT miss it." While that boosted my ego at 13/14 years old, in hindsight, I wish I was more aware of what that meant (losing size). I wasn't sexually active so I didn't fully grasp whether the loss of size would be good or bad.

2 - THIS is the MAIN issue. Minor loss of sensitivity. After surgery, there was slight numbness on the underside of my penis. From what I can remember, the sensitivity came back to a degree, BUT not all of it. The surgery was at the age of 13/14. I am now 36. The minor numbness on the underside remains. I can achieve erections and ejaculation with no issues when my penis has direct contact. However, when I'm using a condom, I feel like the minor numbness suddenly becomes more apparent & it slightly affects both the strength of my erection during longer encounters, AND the overall pleasure of orgasm. I COULD be wrong. I don't know. I realize that some guys, who have full sensitivity, also complain about condoms diminishing the sensation. Am I dealing with both issues? Since I had the surgery at such a young age prior to sexual activity, I can't make an accurate assessment. I feel that's unfortunate.

Yet, there are times during stimulation when I just KNOW there is supposed to be a little more sensitivity. It's hard to explain. I just wonder: would anything about my sexual health/experience be different if I never had the surgery? OR, should I have waited until I got older? I DO believe that the downward curve in my penis was TOO severe and something needed to be done. At least, the doctor claimed that to be so....and I WAS embarrassed by the shape (regardless of the length). But were there better options for straightening? I was a young kid, following the advice of my parents, who were following the advice of the doctor. Overall, I AM satisfied...yet, at times, I wonder.

Thanks for letting me share! I've never verbalized this experience in detail, publicly. Perhaps it will help someone or give them something to ponder, ESPECIALLY if a child/young teenager is involved.

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Comments On This Article

Birgir July 5th 2017

Dear Mike

Thank you very much for sharing your story. I hope you don´t mind but I’m publishing this as story rather than comment to give it the attention it deserves.

When reading your story, the first thought that comes to mind is why do irreversible surgery like this on a child, i.e. would it not be better to wait until older and able to take his own decisions. But at the end of your story you say you believe the curvature “was TOO severe and something needed to be done”.

But that leaves your question “were there better options for straightening?”. You say you noticed your curvature as soon as you “came of age to achieve an erection”. You had not had sexual intercourse and you did not experience any pain. This makes me wonder if you had congenital curvature. Did your doctor mention that at any point?

If you did have congenital curvature than there were only two options. To have penis surgery or to live with the curvature (which sounds like hardly an option if your curvature was TOO severe for healthy sexual intercourse). So if this was the case, then surgery may have been your only viable option.

However, if you had Peyronie’s disease curvature then there would have been other options worth exploring prior to surgery (which is anyway never done until men have reached the stable phase of the disease which also makes me believe you had congenital curvature as else you doctor should have waited to operate until he was sure you had reached the stable phase).

Regarding the two drawbacks you mention.

1 - Penis shortening

Penis size is never a joking matter. I like the saying “it is not about the size of the penis, it is what you do with it that matters”. However, there is no question about it, penis size does matter to men… a lot.

Your penis length is well above the average penis length. This study shows the average erect penis length to be between 5.5 – 6.3 inches (or 14 – 16 centimeters). There are things that can be done to increase penis length, e.g. using penis traction devices, but they are cumbersome to use. In my opinion, traction devices are well worth the effort when needed, e.g. for very small penises or to correct penis curvature but would personally not use them if not needed.

2 - THIS is the MAIN issue. Minor loss of sensitivity

Agree, this is the main issue with penis surgery (well, after the risk of becoming impotent). But penis surgery can affect the sensitivity but fortunately in your case you say… MINOR loss of sensitivity. This makes me assume you can still enjoy healthy sex life and that is the main thing.

Your thoughts about the use of condoms are very valid, most men report some loss of sensitivity using condoms. The good news is that if / when you are in a stable long-term relationship you may not have to use them anymore.

Hopefully this can help you to put your “mind at rest” over this matter.

What’s done is done and even though still feel you were very young to have such an invasive irreplaceable surgery then guess we must be grateful that the surgery went well and left you with straight sizeable penis and enough sensitivity to enjoy healthy and happy sex life.

This may have been your only option (if you had congenital curvature) and waiting to perform the operation may also have been very (even more) stressful for you at the time. Men are always very sensitive about the size and shape of their penis and the younger they are, even more so.

I thank you for sharing your story with My Peyronie’s readers. I know it will help someone in similar position as you were and / or are in. I wish you all the best in the future and hope this can help you to get some closure.

Kind regards,

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