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Peyronie's Has Destroyed My Life

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I'm Richard a 37 yo with Peyronie's disease it's destroyed my confidence completely. I own numerous business and meet women often but I know this condition effects my approach with women that projects my lack of confidence with them.

Depressed man because has Peyronie's disease

I've had Peyronie's since my teenage years of puberty but it never was an issue until erectile dysfunction began surfacing about 5 years ago. I aggressively went to urologist with nothing but Dr after Dr ignoring the Peyronie's and prescribing me Testosterone injections (cepionate) and low dosage of Viagra and Cialis.

Desperate to have a solid erection I went to the "Mens Clinic" in Atlanta Ga a generic erectile clinic fronted by a Dr. Hornsby they injected me with a high dosage of what is known as tripack that would only cost 20 from a dr is $70 per injection. I liked the trial injection that gave me a firm erection that I could finally have comfortable sex that seem to ignore my curvature being that my erection was super firm.

After that injection my normal erection without help was now softer to the point women notice the flaccidity of my erection. I haven't had good sex nor the confidence since. I started dating a woman I liked and finally got her into the bed and told her about my condition and for the first time in my life a woman rejected me in the bed while undressed. I felt a blow of hurt like that made me hold back tears I've been knocked out in the boxing ring (2 years amateur and 1 year professional) but this was severe damage to my ego.

I avoid parties and tell friends I'm super busy. I m determined to cure this condition as my curvature is not as severe as what I've seen on the Internet yet my erections are not solid. I've bought and take daily supplements of L-Arginine and L-acetyl carnitine.
I stopped using a penis pump (air) because it felt uncomfortable no pain just was awkward. Great to have found this site I'll be here everyday.

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Birgir December 13th, 2014

Dear Richard

Thank you very much for sharing your story with My Peyronie's readers. I'm very sorry to hear how you feel and what you have gone through.

Peyronie's disease is always difficult but those of us that are in a stable relationship when we get it have "advantage". Support of a good partner is priceless, both physically and mentally.

It is important not to forget the emotional side of the disease. You may find these articles helpful read at this point in your journey.

How To Deal With The Emotional Side Of Peyronie's

Coping With Peyronie's Without Partner

If you don't feel you can confide in a friend or family member, then there are other ways to seek emotional support. Peyronie's forums can offer valuable support to men with Peyronie's disease. Just know the pros and cons of participating in forums beforehand, this article can help in that respect, as well as offering direct link to the most popular Peyronie's forums.

Peyronie's Forums

It is awful to hear about your experience with the woman you liked. The only thing I can say is she is not worthy of you. I really like to believe that she is an exception, not the rule. I'm sure most women will be more understanding and helpful.

It does though not change the damage this experience has done to your self-esteem. You really need to work on that and if needed seek professional help. Yes, you have some issues with your penile health but it does not have to be the end of the world.

Let's start with the positive part. It is really good news that your curvature is not severe and not affecting your sex life. This means you can concentrate on your erection quality (as having sex without firm enough erection increases the risk of penis buckling that can aggravate the Peyronie's disease).

You have already tried various things but there may be other things worth trying. Or try more / differently what you have already tried. This article goes through the Most Common Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction Opens in new window symbol:

- Underlying Health Conditions
- Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises
- Oral Medication (PDE5 Inhibitors)
- Penis Vacuum Pumps (VED)
- Injection Treatment
- Hormone Therapy (E.G. Low Testosterone Treatment)
- Penis Surgery
- Psychological Treatment
- Lifestyle Changes
- Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction
- Complementary Therapies

Check it out and do more research on the options that you want to explore further. Then book another appointment with a doctor. I know you have not had too good experience with them in the past but now that you have done your homework, you are better equipped to ask the right questions. This article can help you to Prepare For Your Next Doctor's Appointment.

Pick your doctor carefully. You want someone that has experience of Peyronie's disease and understands the importance of good penile health for men's overall wellbeing. I cannot recommend nor do I endorse any specific doctors. APDA offers Physician Finder that may be useful in identifying urologist in your area (https://www.peyroniesassociation.org/physician-finder).

I hope this helps somewhat but if anything else I may be able to assist with, just be in touch. I want to end this on a popular saying that I sincerely believe to be a good advice.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"

This can easily be the case when dealing with Peyronie's disease. Pain is what the disease does to you; suffering is what you do to yourself as a result of the disease.

Kind regards,


Ps. please don't avoid your friends. You don't have to confide in them about your condition but you need them for other emotional support in your life.

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