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Verapamil Injections And Combination Of Medication


Hello, I'm Peter and I am 47 years old and I live in Italy (Rome). I am happy to tell you my story, fortunately positive in the battle against Peyronie's disease. I hope it will help and support other patients with this disease.

Verapamil injections and combination of medication Peyronie's treatment

My Peyronie’s disease started about 4 years ago when I realized I was experiencing pain during erection.

I spent a few months seeing that the pain increased and that he had formed a circular constriction at the centre of the penile shaft with a slight left curvature, I decided to go to visit a urologist who immediately made me do an ultrasound penile dynamic (October 2010) so I discovered that I was affected by Peyronie’s disease.

The urologist prescribed me a treatment to be followed for about six months that I was not convinced about from the beginning. So I immediately started looking for another solution and surfing the Internet I found some positive comments about a treatment for Peyronie's disease adopted by Dr. Gianni Paulis from which, fortunately for me, I decided to go and visit at the Regina Apostolorum Hospital, Albano Lazio (Rome).

Doctor Paulis confirmed the existence of Peyronie's disease and made me immediately start treatment for six months consisting of 2 per month penile injections of verapamil, 3 applications per week of iontophoresis with Isoptin, propolberry 1 tablet daily, (vitamin E) 2 tablets daily and dolaut spray 2 applications daily. After the treatment I repeated the penile ultrasound study (October 2011).

Dr. Paulis saw this test and told me that the plaque was reduced in volume around 70%. The Doctor made my care continue for 1 year, however the doses were reduced after the first 6 months (one penile injection monthly, 2 applications iontophoresis/weekly, 1 tablet propolberry daily, Vitamin E 1 tablet daily and dolaut spray gel).

At the conclusion of this second cycle of therapy (twelve months) the ultrasound study showed a significant reduction in plaque volume.

So you can imagine my happiness and gratitude especially for that "special someone" who restored my smile and serenity with his care.

I began a third cycle of therapy further twelve months and without the monthly penile injection and daily-iontophoresis, but only with pentoxyfilline 800 mg/oral/daily + 1 tablet propolberry/daily and Vitamin E 800 UI/daily.

After six months of this third cycle the penile ultrasound study showed "…. absence of the previously reported plaque". Currently, my penile situation returned as before and persists only a slight groove on the left due to the scar.

I really hope that my positive experience will help all the patients with Peyronie’s disease that unfortunately entered the “tunnel” of this unpleasant disease.

I will be grateful to Dr. Paulis forever.

... Thank you for exist Dr. Paulis.

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