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Peyronie’s Traction Therapy Works – At Least For Me It Did

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Wanted to share an update. So it’s been about seven months now of traction, and I’ve been very good with getting the hours in each day, averaging about 6 hours up to 9. I’m finally starting to see results.

Man happy that his peyronie's traction theraphy worked for him

I’d say I’ve had a decrease of around 50% of curvature (not that I was ever a very serious case compared to some though it certainly seemed to be getting worse before treatment. I had a 20% curve with the lovely named, ‘coat hanger’ style bend to the left, and the bonus, the very added bonus of around 2cm in extra length!

I’ve also been applying heat twice a week for a 1/2 hour period with a hot water bottle for the last three months which I think has also helped break down the calcification.

I’m wrapped with the results and will persist for another 3 to 4 months with both methodologies. Quite incredible when you consider the results most men get with injectables.

I went to, who is considered the top doctor in this field in Australia around four months ago and his suggestion was to do NOTHING because my curvature wasn’t affecting my sex life. In my eyes it was as I now hated looking at my sharply angled, and once revered member. The only treatment option he put forth was injections at a cost of 10 thousand dollars. He warned that they only improve the condition by 25%, if you’re lucky. He didn’t even mention traction as an option until I brought it up. He was skeptical and said ‘it only may work if you do at least an hour a day’ as if this was a big ask of patients. I think some doctors are willfully blind to these options because they don’t make them any money or they assume patients have no willpower.

Big thank you again for your site and all the free information. It put me on the right ’track’ pardon the pun. 


I’m happy that this happened to me. It’s made me pay far more attention to my negative thoughts. I went pretty deep on researching the condition and calcification in general, and a lot of people in eastern medicine consider calcification in the body to be attributed to a lack of energy flowing freely through the body. Considering that most energy emanates from thoughts I’m very careful now about negative modes of thinking. Difficult to prove with empirical studies but, there are an infinite amount of things we know nothing about or have the tools even to measure. 

A bent dick has put me on a straight path one which has had me consider many of my outdated ways of thinking and being. There is a positive to everything as much as there is a negative. I now approach things with a far less 'calcified' way of thinking. 

Anyone suffering this condition, have your little freak out and then take matters into your own hands, like you’ve always done with your dick! Don't outsource your health to a doctor. You have to put in the hours with traction and often, put up with the slight pain of it. Take also the opportunity to look at your life and see this may be connected to how you are living. Sometimes you just get unlucky with DNA and illness, but most of the time, your body is a feedback mechanism showing and trying to guide you toward health in all areas of life.  


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BirgirFebruay 18th, 2018

Thank you very much for your update. I’m really happy for you. Congratulations.

And I really admire your attitude. I totally agree with you that there is a positive to everything, even Peyronie’s disease. Unfortunately, most men with Peyronie’s struggle to see it this way. Which is why I’m really pleased to be able to share your story with other My Peyronie’s readers.

I know many men will find your results motivating and it will encourage them to “stick it out”.  But I also hope your attitude can help someone that really needs it to put things into perspective.

Again, thank you very much for sharing your story and I wish you all the best in the future.

Kind regards,

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