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Oh My God....What has happened to my DICK!!!!

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They say it’s best to start at the beginning, so here goes. I am a 60 year old gay man and I was diagnosed with low grade prostate cancer in 2013 when I was 53, the reason I tell you this is because my urologist already knew me and knew what my dick looked like.

Hand with Xiaflex shot

About a year ago I noticed that my dick was starting to shrink and with prostate cancer they say the meds you are on can make your dick shrink but being that I am not on any meds, I was like, I must just be getting old and old guys dicks shrink. Then every time I got a boner it hurt, not screaming pain but kind of like long sharp stabs and my partner of 36 years said my dick had changed shape and sure enough it had started looking like an hourglass. My dick had the same girth at the base but got kinda thin in the middle and then back to the same girth at the head. I still didn’t think anything about it but when it start to curve up wards I thought, ok it’s time to see my doctor.

When I would lay in bed and jerk off, my dick made a complete curve and the head would touch my stomach so I took some pictures to show my doctor.

Now, my doctor is about 12 years old, very geeky and I have had him for years, I like him and I guess he likes me, we cut up together and have a great relationship so when I told him what was going on he was quite concerned. I showed him the pictures and he said jokingly that I was his first patient to show him my Dick Pics. He examined me and said that he thought it may be a condition called Peyronie's but didn’t know enough about it but he knew a doctor who specialized in it.

I hope you are not tired of reading this yet, here is where it starts getting good.

I went to the doctor and after about an hour examination he decided it was indeed Peyronie's and we discussed options for treatment. At first I was like, what the hell is Peyronie's and he explained to me what it was, most likely how I got it and we discussed options. We settled on Xiaflex treatments. He said the medicine was very expensive and that it had to be cleared by my insurance company first. About 2 weeks later we got word insurance would cover the treatment so off we go.

The first treatment was on 10/21/20 and lasted about an hour. First he numbed up the side of my dick and gave me a shot to get to get a boner, he said I needed to be erect so he could examine me, measure my curve and locate the plaque was. It was kinda funny cause here I am, laying on the bed with my pants around my ankles with the doc, his hot blonde nurse, and raging hardon. He measured my dick and said I have a 70 degree upward curve with a moderate of hourglassing, and I was like, well thanks doc.

He then injected the Xiaflex shot directly into the plaque, with was located on the base of my dorsal on top of my dick, it seemed like it took forever to inject the medicine but he said it went right into the hard plaque and that’s why it took a minute to go in. It hurt but was not painful, I mean after all it was a needle in my dick. Not so much happened that night but the next morning my dick was a little swollen and very bruised but still never hurt very much. When I went to my next appointment the following day on 10/23 the bruising was up into my pelvis, my balls were a very lovely shade of purple and still swollen but doc said it looked great and the plaque had started to soften up. This time when he injected the Xiaflex it went right in with no resistance, so far so good.

The next day when I woke up, I almost got sick, my dick had turned into the most grotesque thing you have ever saw, I mean I was so swollen that you could not even see the head of my cock, my balls were hard and heavy, the bruising went all around my dick, it was sore, thick and nasty. My little buddy had turned into a freak. Doc had told me this was going to happen so I was kinda prepared for it but not really, not until I saw it for myself. It took about a week and everything went back to Pre Xiaflex shape, it's all good now, my dick it looking great, the plaque is still there but soft and squishy, I am doing my three 30 second stretches every day after I shower and I cannot wait until this Friday when I can jerk off. (no sex of any kind for 4 weeks after the last shot).

My next dose is on 12/2 and 12/4 and I am good with that now that I know what to expect. Doc says that we will start to notice the curve starting to go away after the 3rd round and I am looking forward to this.

By the way, I am photo documenting my journey but I wont post them on here but if you are interested in seeing them, email me.

I don't know where this will take me but who knows, maybe my bent dick will someday straighten out and I will regain the length and girth I have lost.

I want to thanks Birgir for letting me tell my story and I hope it will do you guys some good to hear it, I know it did me good to write it.


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Birgir November 2020

Dear Tim,

Thank you very much for sharing your story. I know for sure it will help others in similar position and those considering Xiaflex injections. Your story is very interesting on its own and your writing style also makes it easy “fun” read, i.e. as fun as these things can be fun!

Mid way it got a bit nerve wracking. I’m sure I’m not the only one that protectively covered my private parts during that part! But “all's well that ends well” and I’m very glad that all went well for you. Really great news.

I wish you on-going success with your December injections. I hope you will keep us posted about how it goes.

Take care and good luck!


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