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How To Choose
The Right Peyronie's Treatment

There are numbers of Peyronie's treatments that may help you fight your Peyronie's disease. In this article I'll go through the factors you should keep in mind when choosing a treatment. Some of them are obvious but others are less so.

Research carefully all the options available and seek advice as applicable. Bear in mind that both doctors and fellow sufferers may have some preferred treatment options, so use your common sense when evaluating any advice and information.

What You Should Have In Mind

The first thing to have in mind when choosing between different Peyronie's treatments is your situation, i.e. how severe is your condition? If your symptoms are mild, you will have more treatment options to choose from. If your condition is severe, some treatment options are likely to be unsuitable.

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The Peyronie's phase you are in, i.e. are you in the acute or chronic stage? It is now widely believed that the sooner you start your treatment the better result you are likely to get. For example, straightening penis curvature with traction device during the acute phase has good success rate.

The cost involved, as some treatments are significantly more expensive than others are. You may be willing to do everything and spend anything to rectify your situation but tread carefully. Peyronie's disease makes people vulnerable targets for scammers and unethical selling methods (like all people suffering from infertility and other “quality of life” limiting diseases).

Finally, it is important to be fully aware of the risk involved. Some treatments have various, and even serious, side effects. You do not want to jeopardize your overall health but you might be willing to suffer some side effects in order to improve your Peyronie's condition. Only you can decide what the acceptable risk is for you.

As always, knowledge is power. The more you know about the Peyronie's disease, the better position you are in to take an informed decision about which treatment to go for.

It also helps to keep your expectations realistic. Your penis is likely to stay somewhat deformed or curved but the less bent penis you end up with the better. Look for satisfying results.

How Did I Choose My Peyronie’s Treatment?

Using the factors I looked for a treatment that made sense for my situation, i.e. to stop my penis curvature from getting worse. I looked for scientific evidence and I found some reliable studies that were favorable towards the treatment I was considering (and ended up choosing).

I would have liked to find evidence that was more conclusive but realized and appreciated the challenges faced by scientists when conducting Clinical Peyronie's Studies.

I also looked carefully for any evidence against the treatment I was considering. I was especially concerned that the treatment would not make my conditions worse, or have any serious side effects to my health in general.

Combination of treatments might also be good idea, something that I would seriously consider based on my knowledge today. That is to fight the Peyronie's disease simultaneously from as many corners as possible and as soon as possible.

What Do The Peyronie's Specialists Recommend?

You will find that most specialists today agree on the importance of start treating Peyronie's as soon as possible. Those that still favor the “wait and see” approach are usually not very familiar with the condition.

Most specialists also agree with trying the least invasive treatment options first, i.e. medication and medical devices. The more invasive procedures (surgery) are reserved for those patients with the most severe conditions that usually have tried everything else first.

Dr. Levine is one of the best-known Peyronie's specialists in the world today. You will soon come across his name when you start researching Peyronie's disease.

Dr. Levine's Recommendation For Nonsurgical Treatment involves fighting the Peyronie's disease with 3 approaches:

  • Combination of oral Pentoxifylline and L-Arginine
  • Verapamil Injection therapy
  • Penis traction device

Based on my experience and research in the matter, I personally would follow his recommendations if I were starting my Peyronie's treatment today.

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