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Male Edge Penile Extender Review
Does It Work For Men With Peyronie's?

I have personally tested the Male Edge Extra for this review. I found the Male Edge to be a really good product with some important advantages over the other brands on the market.

What Makes The Male Edge Different?

Just one look at the Male Edge penile extender and you can see it is different from the traditional penis traction devices.

Not only is it more stylish, there are some functional differences as well. The most important differences in my opinion are:


It is convenient to put the Male Edge penile extender on. You fit the penis to the front piece first and then fit the front piece to the elongation rods (with traditional traction device you have to fit the penis in and adjust the pressure at the same time). As always, practice makes perfect but this is the easiest way to put on a penis traction device.

Easy To Extend

It is easy to extend the Male Edge penile extender, just rotate the rods clockwise and pull the rods outward to the desired length. There are no separate rods to be added (or lost).

Fits All Sizes

The Male Edge penile extender is suitable for all penis sizes. Just turn around the "two way front piece" for penises below / over 5 inches (12.5 cm) when flaccid and stretched out.

Amount Of Pressure

You have control over the amount of pressure applied. Male Edge allows you to control the amount of traction you apply, i.e. you can chose between three settings, 1.200, 2.000 and 2.800 grams. Traditional penis extenders have only one amount of pressure, most around 1.500 grams.

MaleEdge the difference from traditional penis extenders

So How Does The Male Edge Work?

They call Male Edge the 2nd generation penile extender.

Male Edge is manufactured by DanaLife, a spin-off company of DanaMedic, the manufacturer of Jes-Extender (the original non-surgical penis enlargement product first introduced in 1995). The brief was simple, to invent a new traction device focusing on comfort and ease of use.

In my opinion, they have achieved these goals. Male Edge is lightweight and comfortable to wear (as those devices are comfortable). It is also easy to use, in some ways easier than traditional traction device. I especially like not having to add extra rods to increase the extension, you just extend the actual device. More importantly, I found it easier to fit as well.

This video should answer all your questions about how to wear the Male Edge penile extender.

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Does Male Edge Work For Men With Peyronie's Disease?

If you have read about Peyronie's Traction Therapy then you know that traction can work wonders for some men with Peyronie's disease.

Several controlled studies have shown that traction does reduce penile curvature and help men to gain back lost length and girth. Men like Bob have tested how traction has improved their Peyronie's condition. I know, as I used traction device to successfully treat My Peyronie's.

More and more doctors are recommending traction devices for their patients. One of them is Dr. Levine, one of the best-known Peyronie's experts in the world today.

So the answer is yes, Male Edge can work for men with Peyronie's disease.

Like always with Peyronie's there are no guarantees. But there is no question about it, traction therapy is one of the cheapest and most accessible Peyronie's treatments available today.

How Does Male Edge Compare To Special Peyronie's Traction Devices?

The success of using traditional traction devices to treat Peyronie's disease made some manufacturers look for ways to improve them to better deal with correcting penile curvature.

MaleEdge Pro box

There are currently two devices, Andropeyronie and The Peyronies Device, that allow you to control the direction of the traction. This may offer additional benefits when working on penile curvature.

My view is that at least it cannot hurt and therefore recommend those devices over traditional traction devices for men with Peyronie's disease.

However, Male Edge does offer some advantages over the traditional traction devices, as well as over the directional ones. No other device allows you to control the amount of pressure applied. It is also more convenient to apply and easier to use.

This is mainly thanks to having no loose rods to add and the way you fasten the penis to the front piece first and then fasten the front piece to the device to apply the tension. With traditional devices you have to do that in a single and often with a tricky maneuver.

It's a personal choice what matters most to you. Studies have shown that non-directional traction devices can help with correcting penile curvature (I know, as I used traditional device to treat my Peyronie's).

If you are going for non-directional traction device, then I consider Male Edge to be an excellent choice. Of the traditional penile extenders I have tried so far, Male Edge is my favorite.

Male Edge Pros And Cons

The Male Edge penile extender has a lot going for it:

  • Good quality device
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Lightweight (70 grams with the strap)
  • Convenient to apply
  • Easy to extend (no rods)
  • Different pressure can be applied (3 options)
  • Fits all penis sizes (two way front piece to fit any penis length)
  • Stylish design (function more important than look but still... you have to look at it every day for months)
  • Comes in good quality box, I found it easier to put everything back into this box than most others I have seen, and it looks good too (can't beat Danish design!)
  • Comes with travel bag, which can be handy if you want to be able to take it off while out and about
  • Comes with handy ruler so you can follow your progress, i.e. measures both penile length and penile curvature
  • Low maintenance, you can put it in the dishwasher if you want
  • The official Male Edge penis enlargement program helps you to get the most out of your device (designed for penis enlargement but works for Peyronie's patients as well)
  • You get access to the Male Edge forum and community
  • Male Edge offers double money back guarantee (conditions apply like with all those guarantees)
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty

Actually, I cannot think of many downsides to Male Edge. It is a good device in my opinion and I prefer wearing it to the other traditional devices I have tried.

The only downside I can see for men with Peyronie's disease is that it does not offer directional traction option. However, some of the benefits may make up for it. It depends on what's most important to you, i.e. comfort, ease of use or directional traction.

The Bottom Line

In my opinion, Male Edge penile extender has some valuable advantages over the other penis traction brands on the market.

Of the traditional penis extender I have seen and tried, Male Edge is my favorite.

The Male Edge penile extender is available in 3 different versions, Basic (blue), Extra (green), and Pro (red).

I recommend going for Male Edge Pro (red). The price difference is not that much but it comes with more accessories (which you need for months of use), like extra rubber straps (they do wear out) and extra production pad (handy when cleaning the other one).

Dr. Levine, one of the best known Peyronie's specialists in the world today, now recommends traction therapy for all his non-surgical patients. He also recommends using it before (if possible) and after penis penis surgery.

Where to buy MaleEdge Pro

You can buy the MaleEdge Pro directly from this website. If you do that, you support my efforts in maintaining this free website to support other Peyronie's sufferers. The price is the same as if you buy directly from the manufacturer.

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