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Peyronie's Penis Exercises

Peyronie's penis exercises are exercises you can do to stretch or massage your penis. However, not all agree about the benefits of penis exercise for men with Peyronie's disease.

The last thing you want to do is anything that can make your Peyronie's conditions worse.

It is difficult to ensure consistent force when manually manipulating the penis. Many feel the risk of damage from manual manipulation is too high and consider penis traction device to be better option for men with Peyronie's disease.

In this article I explore the pros and cons of these types of exercises.

How Can Exercising Your Penis Ease Peyronie's Conditions?

The rationale behind penile stretching exercises is the same as behind using penis traction device to treat Peyronie's disease. The stretching triggers the body's natural response of growing more tissue to ease the tension, which can lead to reduction in the penis curvature.

The justification behind penis massage is the same as massaging any externally scar, which is to help with the remodeling process.

Can Your Peyronie's Get Worse With Penile Exercises?

There is a risk of making your Peyronie's condition worse if you do not perform the massage correctly. Further to that, if you are following other type of Peyronie's treatment, penis exercises might interfere with that treatment.

Because of these risk factors, I would always consult with my Peyronie's doctor before undertaking penile exercises. If he thinks that penis massages are of benefit to me, I would have a medically trained person teach me how to perform the massage correctly.

What Is The Possible Risk Of Penis Exercises?

The challenge is to ensure consistent traction when manually stretching your penis. There is therefore high risk of stretching too much, which could cause further damage to your penis.

I'm one of those that were not willing to take that risk and preferred to use Penis Traction Device to treat my Peyronie's disease.

With penis traction device, you are always applying the same force to your penis, making it impossible to overdo it. If you try to apply to much force, you will immediately feel too uncomfortable to wear the device.

The risk of penis massaging is more subtle, but if you don't do it right you might cause damage to the scar tissue and delay the healing process. This is why I personally would not undertake any Peyronie's penis exercises without consulting my Peyronie's doctor first.

Peyronie's Penis Exercises Methods

If you decide to try penile exercises then there are three main exercise methods to choose from.

Penile Stretching Exercises

This exercise is about stretching the penis in flaccid state. Just grip the penis head and gently pull the penis away from the body. Stretch until you feel the pull at the base of your penis. Do this on a daily basis but only for few minutes each time.

As the penis is in flaccid stage, the risk of damaging your penis should be limited but make sure to stop as soon as it feels uncomfortable.

Curved Jelq

Curved Jelq is the name of another, more controversial, penis stretching exercise. The idea is that applying pressure on the curved penis side will help break the Peyronie's plaque. Curved Jelq is performed on partially erect penis and you should use lubricant when doing it (on your penis and palms).

Make an “Ok” sign with your hand (thumb and index finger) and grip tightly around the base of your penis and “milk” from the base of the penis. While milking you should pull the penis in the opposite direction of the curvature. Once you reach the penis head, you should start again from the base with your other hand.

If you are doing curved Jelq to treat your Peyronie's, make sure you know the right technique before you start. You can find instruction videos on the internet. I must admit that I'm not too comfortable with this form of penis exercise for men with Peyronie's disease and therefore not linking to them.

Penis Massage

Massage the penis in flaccid state only and massage the plaque area on the penis side where it is located. Massage the area firmly; you might even want to incorporate penile stretching for added benefits.

What Result Can You Expect From Penile Exercises?

Peyronies Device massage DVD

I have not found any scientific studies that proof penile exercises are safe and effective treatment option for men with Peyronie's disease. That does not automatically mean that Peyronie's penis exercises don't work. It just means there is no scientific support that they work... or don't work.

You will find some positive penis exercise stories and some not so positive stories when you browse through the Peyronie's forum.

The final decision is always yours, just make sure you take an informed decision and discuss your overall treatment plan with your doctor prior to starting any Peyronie's penis exercises.

If you want to include penis exercises as part of your Peyronie's treatment, then the Peyronies Treatment Plan includes DVD with 20+ massage techniques that are designed to help with erection hardness, ejaculation control, length gains, and curvature straightening. Each technique is clearly demonstrative by live model.

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