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Being Intimate With Peyronie's

Staying intimate with Peyronie's is important when tackling Peyronie's as a couple. The other is good communication. In this article I explain the importance and show you how to be intimate with your partner when faced with Peyronie’s disease.

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In many ways, intimacy and communication are two sides of the same coin.

Intimacy plays important role in any couples communication. Intimate couples tend to find communicating easier than those that are not as close.

I believe these two factors to be among the most important things in any relationship any time, Peyronie's disease or not.

It is however more important than ever to nurture them when you face challenges, like Peyronie's disease, in your relationship.

How To Be Intimate With Peyronie's

Being intimate with Peyronie's is not different from being intimate without it. It is important for all relationships, but it is just a little bit more crucial for your relationship when you face challenges like Peyronie's.

Sex plays important role in any relationships and is part of being close as a couple. Intimacy is though not only about sex and it is definitely not a substitute to sex.

Intimacy is important and valuable addition to sex. Intimacy is about communicating your feelings towards each other. It is about being active participant in this “world of two”.

Intimacy is the glue that can help your relationship to survive everything, including Peyronie's.

My wife and I have always been very close and we both find it very easy to show and receive affection. There is no question in my mind that this helped us tremendously when we were dealing with my Peyronie's.

Some couples are more comfortable than others about showing their affections towards each other. Moreover, some couples need to show and receive affection more than other couples.

However, all couples need to “up their game” now they have to go through Peyronie's together.

Use every opportunity you can find to be affectionate with each other. Hold hands, kiss for the sake of kissing, do little things for each other, say nice things, praise each other, share a joke, give small token gifts, go for a walk, do things together, cook nice meals for each other... the list is endless, only your imagination is the limit.

If you are not used to doing things like these together, you may find it challenging in the beginning but... just do it. Don't be shy. If you cannot be intimate with your wife, whom can you be intimate with?

I am convinced it will make your relationship stronger and help you to get through the Peyronie's as a couple.

Staying intimate with Peyronie's is important part of your Peyronie's treatment, and very likely the most pleasant part of it too. So don't neglect it, just do it and enjoy it.

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