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Peyronie's Oral Treatment Comparison

This Peyronie's oral treatment comparison will help you to identify and decide on your Peyronie's disease treatment plan.

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You should not only compare the different oral medical treatments, you should also compare them with other treatment options available to you. You will find all the necessary information on this website.

I personally like the idea of fighting the Peyronie's disease from as many angles as possible and as soon as possible. The best Peyronie's treatment plan for me today would therefore include more than one Peyronie's treatment option.

At the end of this article, you can download a copy of my comparison table.

Choosing The Right Oral Peyronie's Treatment

When evaluating which medical (oral) Peyronie's treatment to go for (or not), keep the following in mind:

  • Does it involve any risk to your health?
  • Can the medication be toxic in high doses?
    • If so, what is the maximum safe dosage?
  • What are the possible side effects?
  • What are the possible benefits?
    • Do they outweigh the possible side effects and/or risk involved?
  • Does the medication interact with other drugs or supplements you are taking?
    • In most cases the risk is minor but in some instances the result could be harmful to your health or even fatal
  • Does it interfere with your body's ability to absorb other nutrients?
  • What is the total medication cost?
    • The cost of oral treatment adds up so you need to evaluate the overall treatment period
    • Compare one-off treatment cost (like medical device) with the total cost of medical treatment over time (like oral treatment)

Compare Peyronie's Treatments

I have standardized the reporting format for each treatment option that I cover in order to make the Peyronie's oral treatment comparison consistent and clear.

For each oral treatment, I list up the following; how it works, the benefits, side effects, and health risk involved. I summarize the reported results and link to scientific support (studies) I have found for the relevant treatment.

I also provide treatment cost indication, as well as my personal experience of the treatment (if any) and my personal opinion, i.e. would I consider the treatment or not based on the evident.

I also encourage you and other visitors of MyPeyronie's.com to share your experience and opinions with us.

There are few things worth having in mind prior to viewing the Peyronie's oral treatment comparison.

Country Specific

There can be different rules and regulations for medical treatments between countries, e.g. regarding which drugs are available over-the-counter and the ones you need prescription for. The prices can also vary between countries. In my comparison I use US as the baseline for country specific comparison.

Prescription Vs. Over The Counter (OTC)

Most of the oral Peyronie's treatments require prescription in the US. However, you may be able to obtain many of them on-line without prescription. I though strongly advice against doing so.

All medication and supplements affect the function of your body. Therefore there is always some risk and side effects involved. Some are more serious than others. Drugs and supplements can also interact with other medication you are or have recently been taking.

I therefore recommend not starting any oral medical Peyronie's treatment without consulting your doctor first. The risk may be small, but it is still not a risk worth taking in my opinion.

The Cost Of Peyronie's Treatment In General

The cost of Peyronie's treatment can vary between countries and there can be temporary offers available that can reduce the prices. In my comparison I provide cost indication. For this purpose, I have created five cost categories ($ = USD):

Cost Of
Peyronie's Treatment
A Less than $ 100
B $ 100 - 299
C $ 300 - 499
D $ 500 - 1,000
E More than $ 1,000

These cost categories are for guidance only. You may find cheaper or more expensive Peyronie's treatments in your area / country.

Your national health care system, or your insurance company, may also participate in the cost partly, or fully.

Cost Of Oral Medication Peyronie's Treatments

The cost with medical treatments is on-going, i.e. for as long as you undertake the relevant treatment. In order to be able to do the Peyronie's oral treatment comparison I had to choose comparable treatment period.

Some oral treatments are recommended for certain period of time only and in those cases I took the cost of that period. If there was no recommended period, I took the cost for one year of treatment. You may find that your oral Peyronie's treatment lasts longer or shorter than that.

Download My Peyronie's Oral Treatments Comparison

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