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Compare Peyronie's Treatment Cost

The Peyronie's treatment cost is one of the factors you must consider when deciding which treatment to go for.

Comparing the cost of Peyronie's treatments can though be challenging, as there are number of factors that affect the Peyronie's treatment price.

In this article I discuss the factors that impact the total cost of your treatment.

What Affects The Cost Of Peyronie's Treatments?

Different treatment methods come at different price. Medical devices and some oral treatments tend to be cheapest and the surgical procedures most expensive, with the various other treatment options in between.

The treatments that require higher involvement of healthcare professionals and longer periods of medication tend to be more expensive than the treatments you can administer yourself.

There are however factors that can affect the price of a particular treatment. Firstly, the cost of Peyronie's treatments often depends on the country you are undergoing treatment. The cost not only varies between countries, it can also vary within a country, especially in the USA.

The cost also depends on the Peyronie's specialist (urologist / surgeon) you are seeing. The more popular specialists often charge more than those less experienced can do.

Your Peyronie's treatment cost also depends heavily on the treatment period, like the number of sessions you have to see your specialist or the number of months you are taking a particular medication.

It is important to consider the total cost of each treatment when comparing the cost of different Peyronie's treatments.

The Price You Pay

The above factors can affect your total Peyronie's treatment cost but it does not necessarily reflect the price you pay.

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This again may depend on the country you live in. Some national health care providers participate in the cost of some Peyronie's treatments, either partly or fully. It usually depends on if the treatment is considered necessary on medical grounds or not.

You should also check with your insurance company if you have health insurance, as they may also participate in the cost up to certain extend.

Always check this out before deciding / starting any Peyronie's treatment as this could make the more expensive Peyronie's treatment available to you. Your doctor should be able to advice you on this, or at least point you in the right direction to find the necessary information.

Peyronie's Cost Comparison

I provide cost indication in my treatment comparison tables for each treatment category. For this purpose, I have created five cost categories ($ = USD):

Cost Of Peyronie's Treatment
A < $100
B $100 - 299
C $300 - 499
D $500 - 1,000
E > $1,000

The cost indications show the total cost of each treatment based on the recommended treatment plan, i.e. number of sessions or months of medication. If there is no recommended treatment plan for medication, then I estimate the cost of 12 months of supply.

These Peyronie's treatment cost categories are for guidance only. You must check the Peyronie's treatment prices in your country and not least, how much you have to pay yourself for the whole treatment.

Always understand the treatment cost before starting any treatment. It is important to ask for the estimated total cost, i.e. for the full treatment and if everything you need for the treatment is included (drugs, doctor visits, equipments, etc.)

As said before, those treatments requiring high involvement of healthcare professionals and longer periods of medication tend to be more expensive than the treatments you can administer yourself.

However, your health care provider or insurance company might participate in the cost, partly or fully. When making Peyronie's treatment cost comparison you should always compare the cost you have to pay yourself.

This treatment cost comparison table estimates the total cost of any Peyronie's treatment but does not reflect how much of the cost you would have to pay.

Summary of different Peyronie's treatment costs
Peyronie's Treatment Cost Comparison
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