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Stem Cell Peyronie's Treatment

Stem cells therapy has shown to be successful in treating various medical conditions. Therefore it is no wonder why there is so much interest in stem cell Peyronie's treatments.

It has already been established that stem cells are of benefit in tissue regeneration and studies on rats have shown promising results when performing penis grafting with stem cells.

All this is promising for the future... but the research into using stem cells therapy for treating Peyronie's disease is still in its infancy.

To best of my knowledge, there are currently no ongoing studies on using stem cell therapy for treating Peyronie's disease, not even in laboratory settings.

How Could Stem Cell Treatment
Benefit Men With Peyronie's

There are three ways where stem cell treatment may benefit men with Peyronie's in the future.

Penis Grafting / Penis Reconstruction

Studies on rats have shown that lacing a penis grafting with stem cells results in better healing and sexual function than when using only penis graft.

No research has been done on humans (or even primates) but the hope is that penis graft with stem cells will in the future replace Penis Grafting Surgery as we know it today. Someday tissue-engineering techniques may even allow replacing the tissue affected by the Peyronie's disease with new regenerated tissue.

Plaque Prevention

The basic stem cells research currently ongoing is however mainly focusing on how to prevent the plaque formation. Reversing the plaque once it has happened is more difficult (and painful in all respect) than preventing it from forming in the first place.

Regenerative Medicine

This is the stuff of science fiction, which may actually come true some day. Scientists are already working on developing penis components parts in laboratories (even whole penis). Currently this has been done with animals only, but who knows what the future holds in this respect.

Using stem cells for treating Peyronie's is definitely interesting and promising for the future, but that day is years or even decades away.

I will report on new information on stem cell Peyronie's treatments as they become available.

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