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Hybrid Medical Peyronie's Treatment

Hybrid Medical Peyronie's treatment is one of the potential new treatments currently in development.

Hybrid Medical is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2010. The team behind Hybrid Medical is highly experienced in the field of Urology.

Hybrid Medical aim is to combine traditional and complementary medicine. Their product range will be based on natural therapeutics (Eastern natural remedies) and traditional Western medicines.

Their first product launch will be Hybrid Medical H-100, which targets Peyronie's disease.

How Will Hybrid Medical H-100 Work On Peyronie's?

Hybrid Medical Peyronie's treatment is new oil based tissue delivery system called H-100, which combines an effective carrier agent with proven plaque reducing compounds.

Hybrid Medical H-100 is gel-based topical solution, to be applied externally, not injected into the penis. It is designed to immediately interrupt the inflammatory process, alter the plaque function, and remodel the scar tissue.

FDA clearance is not required but will be pursued according to Hybrid Medical. Currently there is no FDA approved biological therapy for the treatment of Peyronie's disease (though the manufacturer of Xiaflex has applied for FDA approval - decision expected Sept 2013).

When Is Hybrid Medical H-100 Expected To Become Available?

I have not been able to find the planned launch date for Hybrid Medical H-100, neither on their website or in any of news releases.

I have sent them an enquiry and will report as soon as I receive information about the expected launch date for Hybrid Medical Peyronie's treatment. I will also follow up on all new developments.

You can find more information about the H-100 on Hybrid Medical Opens in new window symbol website.

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