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How Does Penis With Peyronie's Look Like?
Peyronie's Penis Photos

The following Peyronie's Penis Photos are just few examples of how penis affected by Peyronie's disease can look like. These Peyronie's photos show full male nudity for educational purposes.

Penis curvature is the most common form of Peyronie's penile deformities. The penis shape depends on the location and size of the plaque. The larger the plaque, the more noticeable deformed penis you get.

The following pictures of Peyronie's disease show differently curved penises. Some are bent upwards (the most common penis curvature), other downwards or to the side.

Photos Showing Different Peyronie's Disease Conditions

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The first photo shows a scenario that is typical when the plaque is located under the penis shaft. Because of its' location, the penis is pulled downwards during erection. Men who suffer from this type of penis curvature will have difficulties during sexual intercourse.

Downward bent penis with Peyronie's disease
Photo 1: Downward bent penis with Peyronie's

When the penis is bent upwards and to either side it is the result of the plaque to be located on the side of your penis and/or on the top of your penis shaft. In severe cases the penis can be bent more than 90 degrees, preventing normal sexual intercourse.

Penis with Peyronie's disease bent upwards
Photo 2: Penis with Peyronie's bent upwards and to the side

Again photo 3 shows a situation when the plague is located under the penis shaft, but in this case the plaque is located at the base of the penis.

Downward curved penis with Peyronie's disease
Photo 3: Downward curved Peyronie's penis

When the penis is in flaccid state, it is rare to notice any curvature. But during examination you are likely to notice a lump inside your penis on the same side as it curves to during erection.

Flacid penis with Peyronie's disease
Photo 4: Flaccid penis with Peyronie's

Source: Photos 1-4 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The following photos show the Peyronie’s disease in stable phase. All these situations were corrected with surgery, but the condition were too severe in order to treat them with any other methods.

Peyronie's disease with dorsolateral curvature
Photo 5: Peyronie's disease with severe curvature
Peyronies disease photo right hand curvature
Photo 6: Severe curvature on the right hand side
Peyronie's photo curved in abdominal wall
Photo 7: Peyronie's with curvature in the abdominal wall

Source: Photos 5-7 published with courtesy of Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery.

I hope these Peyronie's pictures help to emphasize the importance of starting your Peyronie's treatment as soon as possible.

Please note: These Peyronie's penis photos are used with permission. Do not copy them from my website, seek reproduction license from the respective owners.

Now You Seen The Pictures - What's Next?

It is important to try to stop the progression of the disease so your penis does not come as severely deformed as some of the above Peyronie's penis photos show.

The sooner you start your Peyronie's treatment, the better result you can expect to see. So if you have Peyronie's disease, or suspect you may have, you should check the following articles out.

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