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Peyronie's Injection Treatment Comparison

This Peyronie's injection treatment comparison will help you to identify and decide on your overall best Peyronie's treatment plan.

Not only should you compare the different injection treatments, you should also compare them with the other treatment options available to you. You will find all the needed information on this website.

I personally like the idea of fighting the Peyronie's disease from as many directions, and as soon, as possible. The best Peyronie's treatment plan for me today would include more than one Peyronie's treatment option.

At the end of this article, you can download a copy of my injection comparison table.

Choosing The Right Peyronie's Injection Treatment

When comparing Peyronie’s injection treatments you should have all the same considerations in mind as when Comparing Oral Treatment.

Many needels with different color drugs

Consider factors like, is there a risk to your health involved and can the medication be toxic in high doses. In addition, what are the possible side effects and do the potential benefits outweigh them.

If you are taking any other medication, you must check if your Peyronie's injections interfere with those or your body's ability to absorb other nutrients. Lastly, you must compare the total cost of the different Peyronie's treatment options available to you.

What Result Can You Expect
From Your Peyronie's Injection Treatment?

Injected Peyronie's treatments seem to work for some men with Peyronie's disease, but not for all. The Peyronie's injection treatment comparison reveals that all injections seem to work on the Peyronie's plaque up to some extent.

The result of using Corticosteroids is though notable worse than from Interferon Alpha and Verapamil injections. The two latter treatments may also help with reducing penile pain and penis curvature.

Peyronie's Injection Studies

Quite few Peyronie's injection studies have been conducted over the years but their quality does vary.

Review of Peyronie's injection studies published in 2007 found 19 studies involving Peyronie's injection therapies. Of those, 17 studies showed positive results, or 90%.

They then evaluated them using the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine criteria, which ranks studies from the strongest strength of evidence (level 1) to the weakest (level 5). Only one study met the level 1 criteria, two met the level 2 criteria but the remaining sixteen studies only met level 4 criteria.

Their conclusion was therefore:

Ninety percent of the studies regarding Peyronie's disease showed positive outcomes. Unfortunately, most of these have not offered convincing evidence-based data, with only one positive study meeting level 1 Oxford criteria for clinical efficacy. Standardised outcome measures were not used, making comparisons difficult. These results reveal the need for the development of validate outcome measures and well-designed controlled trials to determine optimal therapeutic intervention for this disorder( European Urology 2007 )

Don't forget that all Peyronie's Scientific Studies face similar challenges. The bottom line is that some Peyronie's treatments work for some men with the disease but not for others.

The Peyronie's Injection Treatment Comparison

I have standardized the reporting format for each treatment option that I cover in order to make the Peyronie's injection treatment comparison consistent and clear.

For each injection treatment, I list up the following; how it works, the benefits, the downside, side effects, and health risk involved. I summarize the reported results and link to the relevant Peyronie's injection studies I have found.

I share my personal experience of the treatment (if any) and my personal opinion, i.e. would I consider the treatment or not based on the supporting evidences. I also encourage you and other visitors of MyPeyronie's.com to share your experience and opinions with us.

I also give cost indication though comparing the cost of different Peyronie's treatments can be tricky. The cost depends on the treatment plan, the doctor conducting the treatment and the country you are in.

In my Peyronie's treatment comparison, I provide cost indication. For this purpose, I have created five cost categories ($ = USD):

Cost Category Cost Of Peyronie's Treatment
A Less than $ 100
B $ 100 - 299
C $ 300 - 499
D $ 500 - 1,000
E More than $ 1,000

These cost categories are for guidance only. You may find cheaper or more expensive Peyronie's treatments available in your area / country.

Your national health care system, or your insurance company, may also participate in the cost partly, or fully.

Download My Peyronie's Injections Comparison Table

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