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Documenting The Peyronie's Condition

Documenting your Peyronie's conditions sounds obvious doesn't it? Still, most men don't document it satisfyingly. I know, I'm one of those. I did not measure my penis curvature or take photos of my penis. I should have, I wish I had...

Why Is It Important To Document Your Peyronie's Condition?

Firstly because what you think or feel is not always how it really is. Studies have shown that patients tend to overestimate the penis curvature by 20 degrees, i.e. when compared to objective measuring.

Peyronie's is stressful enough without believing the situation to be worse than it actually is.

Doctors also prefer "facts to feelings". Photos and exact measurement of the penis curvature will tell him if your treatment is working or not and help him to decide on the next steps in your treatment.

Documenting the Peyronie's condition is actually a no brainer, right?

How To Document Your Peyronie's Condition?

It is more important that you document your condition then exactly how you do it. Still, it is important that you do it thoroughly so the following tips may be useful.

Write Everything Down

It is best to record everything you do. You can write it down or verbally record it if you prefer. The main thing is to have everything related to your Peyronie's treatment in one place... and make sure you store a copy somewhere safe (backup).

Write down what and how you feel, your measurements, when you started your treatment, any changes to your treatment, your doctor's appointments, etc.

Measure The Penis Curvature

The best way to Measure Penis Curvature is to use protractor or goniometer (kind of rulers to measure angles). Do this regularly and keep good track of your measurements.

Photos Says More Than Many Words

Take photos of your penis on regular basis. It is easier to have someone else taking them but you can do it yourself if you prefer. The main thing is always to take the photos from the same angle and distance.

Take a photo of your penis from the front, each side and from the top, i.e. looking down on it. It is always better to take more photos than less. Not only take photos of your erect penis, also take photos of it when flaccid.

Documenting the Peyronie's condition will make you feel more in control and help you and your doctor to take decisions about your future.

So if you haven't done it so far, please start now. Write down what has happened up to now according to your best recollection. And make documenting your condition part of your Peyronie's treatment routine from now on.