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Can Sex Make Peyronie's Worse?

This is understandably a common concern among men with Peyronie's disease... and their partners.

Sex do not disturbe sign

The last thing either of you want is to do something to make your Peyronie's condition worse but stop having sexual intercourse is also likely to be the last thing you want to do.

Fortunately, you should not have to stop having sex. I have found nothing that says having sexual intercourse as such will make the Peyronie's disease worse.

It still makes perfect sense to take good care of your penis and avoid sexual activities that can put any awkward pressure or strain on your penis.

However, if your penis is severely deformed then having sex may not be an option. You also have to be careful if your erection isn't very firm, as you penis is at more risk of buckling during intercourse... which could make your condition worse.

Only have sexual intercourse if your erection is firm enough. There are ways to improve your erection quality if needed, e.g. Penis Vacuum Pumps or medication like Viagra.

Peyronie's disease is likely to affect your sex life. It can affect the shape of your penis, the hardness of your erection, etc. Meaning you may have to adjust your sex life to your changed condition.

Choosing the right sexual positions for Peyronie's disease is important. You should avoid sexual activities that might put any awkward pressure or strain on your penis. The best positions give you more control of the depth, force, and angle of thrusting.

It is very much up to you (and your sexual partner) how much Peyronie's affects your sex life.

As long as you take the necessary precautions (avoid putting strain on your penis and only have intercourse with firm enough penis) sex should not make your Peyronie's worse, while abstaining from sex could seriously harm your relationship.

Remember, sex is not all about sexual intercourse. Our biggest sex organ is the brain. Never underestimate the brainpower so work on your mind as well as your body.

Some men with Peyronie's disease even say that Peyronie's has helped them to achieve better sexual relationship than before. This is because Peyronie's has made them invest more time and effort in their relationship. Because it made them think and talk about sex, not only do it.

Now go and practice...