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Welcome To My Peyronie's Disease

This website is about Peyronie's disease and is based on my personal experience and extensive research into the subject.

On this site you will find wide range of information and practical advice about the disease and the treatment options available, as well as direct links to other trusted resources.

Birgir Gislason My Peyronies
This Website Is Based
On My Personal Experience

I am not a medical doctor, nor do I have any medical background. I am just a man that got Peyronie's disease and sought treatment for it.

I'm sharing my Peyronie's story, which I'm pleased to say had successful outcome. I found a treatment that worked for me.

Specialist doctor advised me to “wait and see” if my condition improved or not. Luckily, I did not follow his advice.

I cannot say for sure if my condition improved because of my treatment or not. However, since only 5 - 15% of all Peyronie's cases resolve without any treatment I'm very glad I did not risk it.

I also feel very fortunate that I started my treatment early on, or within 6 months from noticing my first Peyronie's symptoms. Everything I have discovered during my research indicates that you can expect better results the sooner you start your treatment.

This is why I feel it is so important to raise the awareness about the Peyronie's disease. The greater the awareness is, more men will seek help and sooner.

I am not promising you anything. No one can. There is currently no cure for Peyronie's. However, there are various treatment options available and there is great room for improving your condition with the right help.

Some treatments may work for some men but not for others. My aim is to give you as objective advice as I possibly can in the hope it can help you to help yourself.

This is why I'm doing this website and I'm doing it in my own name and with my own photo. Don't get me wrong. I have never before talked to anyone except my wife and doctors about my Peyronie's. I have treated it as my private matter, or shall we say my secret.

I feel this must change. Peyronie's disease is nothing to be ashamed of.

We need to raise the awareness. Try to get men to seek help with their Peyronie's as soon as possible. Because time can be your enemy if you have developed this disease.

My advice to any man that has just found out, or suspects, he got Peyronie's disease is simple:

“Whatever You Do - Don't Do Nothing”

Do research everything you can find about the disease, go and see your doctor for medical advice, talk to your partner if you have one and find out what other men with Peyronie's have to say (on-line forums).

When you have done your homework, start the treatment you think is best for you and your situation. Start it as soon as possible.

What treatment you go for is however your decision and yours only. Doing nothing is of course an option too but that should be informed decision. This is your life, your penis and you have to live with the consequences.

I hope this website and My Peyronie's Story will be small but valuable input in raising the awareness of the Peyronie's disease.

I can only hope MyPeyronies.com will help someone to find the right treatment that works for him. Nothing would please me more.



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